The greatest weapon is prayer -Ahmed Sulu Gambari

Ahmed Sulu Gambari

Ahmed Sulu Gambari made the statement while speaking to newsman at launch of the book titled “MARYAM Ado Bayero – A woman of Royal virtues”, in Abuja. Excerpts;
May we know you sir?

I am Ahmed Sulu Gambari.

A royal woman is being celebrated. What is your call to present day women?
They should emulate the virtues of our late mother. They may not be as gifted, but if they are determined to be like her, they may also achieve greatness.
The only way do all of these is to do things well. And culture is so important. You cannot do without it. You cannot comprise it. Neither can you try to mix other cultures that will not mix.
Just be yourself and self-respect is very important. You must be the children of who and where you come from.
You need prayers. The greatest weapon is prayers. Allah hears prayers.

Moral decadence is in the increase. What is your call to the youth?

I want to tell them that when they are trying to embrace civilization, they should be very careful. They should be very hardworking, they should be very objective about it.
They don’t just copy culture anyhow, like the way of dressing, like the way that are not the same with what is acceptable here in our culture.
They should know that east or west, home is the best. There is no place like Africa; the richest place in the world.
They should listen to their parents and do exactly whatever elders tell them because elders have been young before. They will like to sincerely guide the young ones.


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