You don’t need to be rich to be kind – Dr. Bwalasom Rita Kadiya

Dr. Bwalasom Rita Kadiya

A medical volunteer with International Human Right Observatory (IHRO), Dr. Bwalasom Rita Kadiya has posited that one does not need to be rich in order to be kind. She made the above statement at the award giving ceremony organized by IHRO in Abuja.
Dr. Kadiya who was given an award by the organization expressed gratitude to the organisers of the award.
“I feel highly honoured. I wasn’t expecting it even when the nomination came”, she said.
She pointed out that there are people out there but she was chosen for the award.
She humbly said that she is just an ordinary medical doctor who practices her profession quietly. She however said that one does not need to be rich to be kind. Her words; ” You know, kindness must be strong within you. You don’t need to be rich to be kind “.
She said that she did not know that the little things she does are being recognised.
Dr. Bwalasom Rita Kadiya explained that IHRO started in India and just came to Nigeria. She said that she is a medical volunteer to the organization.
She explained that IHRO has been reaching out to the needy. She pointed out that IHRO needs more sponsors to be able to get to the grassroots and for their impact to be felt everywhere in Nigeria and the world at large.


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