There is nothing you do that the reward will not come – Dr. Bode Davis

Dr. Bode Davis (left)
Dr. Bode Davis

Dr. Bode Davis is the CEO Revival in Africa Foundation. He made the above statement during an award of honor bestowed on him by International Human Right Observatory in Abuja. Excerpt;

May we know your name sir?

My name is Dr. Bode Davis, The CEO of Revival in Africa Foundation, Nigeria.

How do you feel being honored by the Organization this time around?

I feel so happy. I feel so honored. It shows that whatever you are doing, even when it seems as if no man is watching, people are seeing you, and this actually encouraged me to do more.

There is nothing that you do in life that the reward will not come whether good or bad.

So today is just testimony that what you have done so far is being recognized by people. And to God be the glory I am an awardee.

What is your word of appreciation to those who gave you the award?

I am so grateful to the organization, International Human Rights Observatory (IHRO). Thank you so much. I appreciate you for this great award. I feel so honored: I pray that the Lord will continue to be with you, taking you from glory to glory so that you will be able to do more

You people are doing something very great; appreciating those that are really laboring for the masses; appreciating people that have the heart for the masses and that goes a long way to encourage them to be able to do more.

So I feel so honored and pray to God will lift them up more and more.

We have people who have the opportunity but they don’t have the heart. As a man in the field of humanitarianism, what is your message to them?

One thing is certain. A tree cannot claim to make a forest. One man alone is helpless in this matter. We all need to come together; even the government alone cannot do it. We all need to come together so that we will be able to better the lives of people, because whatever you do today is a reward tomorrow. I made up my mind to make a candle that is ready to burn down in order to give light to others. It is a passion that I am sick when I don’t help people and that is what makes me come with the mind of saying how can I help ten thousand Nigerians to turn them into millionaires.

I began to give them, not only giving them the money; train them.  What do you want to do, train them and seek how to empower them, so that they don’t have to be frustrated? We don’t give them fish, we teach them how to fish and by doing so they will even be better. I believe it is a call for every one of us to support the government


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