Media help Build the Nation- FR. Omonokhua

During the NIREC 2nd quarter 2023 meeting held in Abuja with Theme: The Media and Effective Leadership for Nation Building. The above headline was remark by the Executive Secretary NIREC, FR. Cornelius OmonokhuaIn most elections Nigeria, some citizens suffer from election fever. The hunger, greed and poverty of many are revealed. Some people mortgage their callings and dignity for the highest bidder who can put food on their table. Religion and ethnicity are weaponized to the extent that some accidental pastors and imams turn the houses of worship into campaign rallies. Some religious fanatics behave as if the elections are between Christianity and Islam. Some go as far releasing political vision and fake prophesies. Ethnicity is weaponized to divide the people in a nation that is striving for unity. Yes, the people that say; ‘’where tongue and tribe may differ, in unity we stand ‘’ according to the old national anthem.
Unfortunately, the media is used to transmit these tragic messages to the public. Some journalists and social media bloggers heat up the polity with different fake, disturbing and alarming news. Reactions and counter –reactions on state and national issues are subjectively reported in the form of media crossfire. All these anomalies can cause religious, ethnic and political conflicts. To enquire on how to enhance and promote the unity of our dear nation. We have invited our illustrious sisters and mothers, Mrs. Eugenia Abu and Hajia Zainab Okino to lead this conversation on how to promote positive media reportage in a democratic government that is media friendly in delivering effective leadership. I therefore on behalf of the co-chairman and respected members of NIREC thank our sisters for accepting this invitation To grow a healthy society, there is need for justice and good government hence each level and societal class needs some kind of coordination for peaceful co-existence. The transformation of any society depends on the level of the positive change of attitude of each individual from the ruling class to the grass root. With effective governance, the Nigerian youths will be comfortably engaged in the country. There will be no need for a new trans-Sahara and neo-Atlantic human trafficking which today has become a new form of slavery.


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