My junior brother’s son made me to marry – Adamu Danjuma

Adamu Danjuma

Marriage they say makes a man complete enmity because he would have to leave his family and team up with his wife and set up a new family. And when a man is mature for marriage he begins to feel as if something is missing in his life.
Adamu Danjuma is a mechanical engineer who repairs generators. During his marriage he recounted what transpired between him and the son of his junior brother that made him to work harder and get married.
Adamu lives in Abuja and he is from Niger State while his wife Fatima Idris hails from Kogi State.
He said there was a time he traveled to his village and asked the son of his junior brother to fetch water for him. He said the boy looked at him and asked Adamu if he knew that he is the son of his junior brother. He then told Adamu to go and get married.
Adamu who got the message with a pinch of salt said his mother was standing by and laughed. And according to Adamu he resolved to work hard and get married.
Fatima Idris, Adamu’s wife is a graduate but she is yet to secure a job. Adamu said he has been telling his high profile customers that his wife is a graduate so that they could help her to get a job any time there is an opening in their work place.
For experiencing first hand what it feels like to marry late, Adamu advised that any man who has come of age should try to get married because according to him marriage makes a man complete.


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