Nigeria And Post 2023 Good Governance

Engr Audu Tanko

By Daniel Onukwue Irodinso

Nigeria today is said to be in desperate need of purposeful leadership towards the amelioration of the sufferings of her citizens. For Nigeria to truly become the giant of Africa in principle and practice, there should be an enhanced synergy between the political class and the public service. It is a legendary fact that public servants and or people in the civil service as referred to, have quality and sustained knowledge of the activities of governance. Accordingly, what is required of elected office holders, is to closely relate with those in the public service, especially the honest and committed ones for a result oriented running of government. These public officials have seen failed and successful governments and are equipped with the factors that resulted to that. Though some persons and authorities have also accused the civil servants of initiating and expanding corrupt deals within the governmental structure, there is no doubt that many too in the service are patriotic and work within the ethics of the service. These ones are not ostentatious. When you meet them, you will not need an introduction. They remain cool,calculated and calm. Their members of staff have regular access to them at all times,to ensure effective and efficient running of their ministry,agency or department. These amazing personalities are not hidden either. Some target specific governors, administrators, ministers etc have been able to discover them. They help the government a lot with the deep knowledge they have in administration. They are seen in different states, ministries etc. In Taraba State, the role and input of the incumbent Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works, Engr Audu Tanko, cannot be underestimated. He also plays the role of a coordinator and more or less special adviser. He is a formidable and close confidant of the Taraba State Governor. He is an enviable authority in administration and getting things work. He is a committed and shrewd administrator who understands and applies the rules as stipulated. His positive but formal approach to official matters cannot be overemphasized. There is no doubt the impact being made by Engr Tanko is a manifestation of years of committed devotion to understanding the functionality of governance. It is unequivocally established that any committee or group that Engr Tanko has been part of the membership delivered. Once he comes on board, other members know it can’t be business as usual. He is straightforward and one to be trusted in critical situations or circumstances. There is no doubt that the amiable gentleman will play very significant roles in the incoming government to enable it find it’s feet and drive the ship of state successfully.


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