Prince Ned Nwoko: Delta North Worthy Ambassador To The Senate

Prince Ned Nwoko

By Daniel Onukwue Irodinso

Prince Ned Nwoko is a senator-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to represent Delta North Senatorial District. He is an ebullient gentleman and a political, social and economic timber and calibre in all defined classifications. Ned as he is fondly called is an astute administrator with many years of dignifying and result oriented experience. He is widely acknowledged as a devoted leader. His resume is enviably impressive and he is known as one who is needed in his state and senatorial zone, to catapult the welfare of the people to the next level. As a cosmopolitan personality and  British trained lawyer, there is no doubt he is in possession of the requisite great attributes and credentials of a compassionate leader. At a critical season in the governance of our nation, the national assembly should be an assemblage of men and women of character and knowledge who possess the courage and impeccable moral persuasion to drive the affairs of the legislature.  This will guarantee effective and efficient synergy with the executive and judiciary respectively for a better Nigeria.

    There is no doubt Nigeria has a leadership challenge at the moment. Nigeria needs leaders who can master the nerves and confidence to overcome the numerous leadership challenges that have bedeviled the nation. Ned is not a green horn in the national assembly. He has been there prior to now. He very well understands the political permutations that go on there. He is going to get his wealth of experience to bear and the beneficiaries will be Nigerians and particularly his people of Delta North Senatorial District. Ned has a record of standing out in the circumstances of adversity. As an outstanding leader, he stands tall any day, the prevailing circumstances notwithstanding. He will always represent and fight for his people. Ned is known to manifest his best in even extreme difficult situations. Ned, a gallant and indomitable political soldier, legal luminary, unblemished entrepreneur and sports enthusiast and lover, is a rare individual and man of many parts who has operated like a colossus he is, far beyond the boundaries of politics. Nigeria is a country where many politicians have no other address outside the realm of politics. Ned, the senator -elect of Delta North Senatorial District has numerous addresses as his hands are on many pies, nationally and internationally.

Ned is inculcated with the guts, grits, competence, character, education, knowledge and other outstanding qualities in all ramifications needed for the requisite solutions to myraids of Nigeria’s problems. Ned will represent his people in both home and abroad, language, tribe, religion or political affiliations notwithstanding. He is one who has seen it all in all ramifications of life. He will remain firm at all times, in defence of the interests of his people. He is one not to stand any form of intimidation in defence of his people. Ned is fearless. He is known to have conquered many challenges that might have humbled many others. A political juggernaut in all standards, Ned commands tremendous respect even among Nigeria’s assumed first class citizens. He is one that will formidably stand on the floor of the Senate, and speak without fear and or compromise. As a man of unquantifiable steely determination in handling issues and outcomes, Ned will change the narratives in the red chamber, fight and defend, not just the concerns of the people of Delta North, but Nigerians in general.A solicitor of the Supreme Court, England and Wales, Ned is the Lead Consultant and Chairman of Linas international limited.

A philanthropist without boundaries, Ned got his first degree in Law and History from the University of kelee in Staffordshire, United kingdom. He later was in King’s College London, where he got a Masters Degree in Law. He is the Senior Consultant at  Ned Nwoko Solicitors, a London based law firm committed to engagement, management and verification of foreign debts of third world countries. He is the founder and Chancellor of the first Africa’s Sports University, STARS University. 

Prince Ned, officially known as Nwoko Chinedu Munir, was a member of the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003 representing Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, Delta State. He was the first black African, to visit the South Pole( Antarctica) where he launched a Malaria Eradication Project in 2020. Prince Ned has received numerous accolades from many institutions and organizations, both nationally cum internationally, including Honorary Doctorate Degree in Letters ( D.Litt)  by Commonwealth University College, Belize as well as  in science from the Federal University of  Petroleum Resources, Delta State.


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