Bappa Aliyu Misau: A Leader with A Difference

Hon Bappa Aliyu Misau

By Daniel Onukwue Irodinso.

 2023 election appears to have in very defined pattern,changed the usual political calculations in Nigeria’s political history. The old ways of doing things are giving room to new ways.The BVAS revolution by INEC, has contributed strongly in changing the dynamics of politics.Beyond that is the current conciousness of the electorates, believing that the votes have started counting. The failure of INEC to concretely apply BVAS usage in the presidential election notwithstanding, it was functional for the national assembly election. Consequently quality percentage of the winners in the national assembly elections were the choices of the masses. Time has gone when politicians sat back plotting only to hijack the ballot boxes or even the entire electoral processes and eventually got their names announced as the winners of the election which afterall they never won. Credit must however be given to some politicians who understand what service to humanity translates to. Such politicians have for a long time, identified with their people. They have remained connected to them to the level it doesn’t become a herculean task for them during electioneering and election to excel. To many voters, and constituents, 2023 remains a decisive and auspicious moment. As such, their interest on who represents them is paramount. They need a steadfast  individual and committed personality, who understands their peculiar challenges alongside the undercurrents of  contemporary Nigeria politics. They need a mover and shaker, a people oriented and strongly positioned person prior to this time, who will network properly with all relevant stakeholders to ensure the numerous desires and aspirations of the constituents are addressed. When  the people of Misau/Dambam Federal Constituency  of Bauchi State, voted for Hon Bappa Aliyu Misau, they voted for one, who would represent them. Someone, who would stand for the people and also regularly consult with the people. Hon. Bappa will understand the people’s mandate, protect and consolidate on the masses myriads of aspirations and needs. He will speak out as necessary with considerable aplomb. He will connect with constituents, with able colleagues alongside the executive and cement the dividends of democracy for the good people of Misau/Dambam Federal Constituency. Upon his declaration then of his desire to serve his people in the House of Representatives, he pledged purposeful and quality representation if elected. Recall that his form was bought for him by friends, well wishers and other stakeholders, in Misau and Dambam LGA’S who were well convinced of his political astuteness and sagacity to represent the people. He has consequently remained grateful.  He continues to assure those who found him worthy that they will never be disappointed. He assured them of surely making strong and positive impacts in the national assembly. Bappa Aliyu Misau is known to be competent and experienced He will run a youth oriented representation, knowing fully  well the women,men and the youths are quite aware, he has all the  enviable credentials for quality leaderrship.


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