The four walls of a school exposes one to a lot of knowledge – Grace Agi

Grace Agi

A fresh graduate of National Teachers Institute ( NTI ), Kaduna, Mrs Grace Agi has posited that there are a lot of things to learn within the four walls of a school. Mrs. Grace Agi said this during the graduation ceremony of one of the Abuja study centres of the institute.
Speaking to our correspondent at the event, Mrs. Agi who got admission to the institute with SSCE certificate to do a four year NCE course said it was not really easy to go through the rigorous training they went through during the training period at the institute.
Mrs. Grace Agi was grateful to God that she was able to add a higher certificate to what she used to have. She said that the institute had imparted a lot in her. “The institute has put a lot in me. They have imparted so much in us”, she admitted.
She was grateful to the tutors of the centre whom she said kept encouraging people like her who were very shy. She admitted that most of her classmates did not have much in them on admission but due to the way they were handled, they are now better with a lot of knowledge.
An elated Mrs. Grace Agi said she would impart what she has learnt to the society, especially the young ones.
Mrs. Agi has some words about those who have not gone to school. She said that those who did not go to school are missing out on a lot of knowledge that can be gotten within the four walls of a school. She argued that when one goes to school, they would be exposed to a lot of knowledge. She said that the four walls of a take away a lot of ignorance people wallow in when they are at home.
She concluded by saying that going to school makes one to become a bold person in the society.


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