AHZ Associates does not charge fees to get students admission in UK universities – Omolewa Oyebode

Omolewa Oyebode
Omolewa Oyebode

The HR manager of AHZ Associate, Omolewa Oyebode has revealed that the organization does not charge students money to get them admission in UK universities. She made the statement during the 2023 Abuja Education Fair while speaking with our correspondent. Excerpts;

Introduce yourself madam.

I am Oyebode Omolewa, the HR Manager of AHZ Associates.

What is all about?

AHZ Associates is a trusted UK Universities representative and we work with over one hundred universities in the United Kingdom. We partner with universities directly.

So once a student comes to us we submit their applications to the university and counsel them, working with their preferred location, working with their budget and working with their qualification.

So, here today we are having an education fair, here at Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja. So we have different university representatives here with us to talk to students, to counsel them and we are submitting applications for them to their preferred universities.

What are the costs to the students?

Some students have options of different courses ranging from out rated courses to business courses and project management and a lot more.

What is the duration of an average course?

For a student going for a masters’ degree in the United Kingdom, it is a year, unless he has some placement which may make it last up to one and a half years or two years.

So for a student going for a BSc in the UK, the student has to do the foundation here after he will progress for the BSc degree which is three years, making it four years in total.

So for a student going for a master’s degree, the person will need his or her certificate transcript, a reference letter, passport and a statement of purpose, WAEC or NECO certificate.

So for a student going for Bachelors degree, the person will need WAEC or NECO certificate, CV, the passport, personal statement, and the testimonial.

So, those are the basic requirements.

Are they assured of a job when they finish?

As a student in the United Kingdom, you can work for 24hours in a week when the school is in session, but when they are on holiday, they can work for unlimited hours.

For most of the schools we partner with, we have arrangements with different companies in the UK where they can get work placement.

The type of job they do can it augument whatever their parents pay for them continue with their education, in case money is not forthcoming from home?

Yes, for a student working in the UK, you will be able to pay your tuition after…, it depends, but the student should be able to pay their tuition once he or she can work during permitted hours.

When did this project start, and how many people have benefitted from it?

AHZ Associates got to Nigeria in 2018 but AHZ Associates has been in operation for the past ten years and we have offices in Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Singapore and some other countries, but we have our head office located in London.

Here in Nigeria we have helped over a thousand students gain admission and the most interesting part of this is that our services are free. We do not charge our students anything apart from them paying their tuition into the Universities and paying all academic charges, like their Visa fees, IHF and other fees but we don’t charge our students anything. We don’t accept any service charge because we work directly with the universities.

How do you get students to subscribe to your project?

Like this programme we are having today, we have students come around to get data from the universities webs and also when we help our students get admission in the UK, such students will refer us to their family and friends.

What is your advice to those who have not keyed into this project?

Our advice is that for any student who wants to study in the UK, the best time to enroll is now. Once you have your documents and you have funds ready,  you can start now.

For an average BSc course, how much can it cost the family from A – Z?

For UK universities tuition, averagely around thirteen thousand pounds to fifteen thousand pounds averagely but the most interesting part is that the student doesn’t have to pay all the tuition at once. The person can pay in installments based on the university’s payment plan.

So you can always get something for anybody who wants to study in the UK.


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