Grassroots constitute the largest concentration of voters – Hon Dauda Adamu

Hon. Dauda Adamu { L }
Hon. Dauda Adamu

A member of APC presidential council, Hon. Dauda Adamu has revealed that the grassroots constitute the highest concentration of voters in Nigeria. He made the revelation during the grassroots voters awareness creation organized by Dr.

Mariam Abdulsalam in Abuja. Excerpts:

Why do you think your own grassroots mobilization will make the difference from what we have seen so far?

Basically as you can see today all of us we are here on the invitation of one of

our leaders and friend who has been a grassroots mobilizer, Dr. Mariam Abdulsalam.

Dr. Mariam  Abdulsalam gathered each and every one of us here because she has been a grassrooter and has been mobilizing for elections from time immemorial.

So she is bringing in her set skills in mobilizing people to vote in an election. What we are going to have that is unique- we are going to be utilizing her experience and her skill sets. She reaches out to Nigerian masses on how they should go about exercising their right during the election.

We are taking this time early enough to create awareness, because the most important component of this election is the grassroots – 99% of those who own their PVC are in the grassroots. Forget about these Abuja Babanriga politicians.

Our focus, our target are those people at the grassroots and I think that is the reason why Dr. Mariam brought us all together to create this wonderful awareness on behalf of our own National Leader who is also our presidential candidate Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kashim Shettima.

Basically that is why we are actually putting something very unique to reach out to the grassroots because we have recognized the essence of the grassroots and because they constitute the largest concentration of voters in our country.

So we are giving them all the necessary attention and to create awareness. Our agents are here. Our organization has a lot of members- over two million members all over the nation.

So you can imagine a woman who is coming together to push that support base out there to create awareness for the sake of our presidential election.


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