Malaria parasites turn blood to water, make it untreatable – Dr. Martins

Dr. Grace H.O. Martins

The Director General of Natureworks International Research and Training Institute, Dr. Grace H.O. Martins has revealed that malaria parasites turn blood to water, thereby making it untreatable by regular malaria drugs. She made the statement at the Science and Tech Expo in Abuja while speaking to newsmen about the efficacy of Malaria Expeller and Immune Booster. Excerpts:

May we know you officially?

I am Grace. H.O. Martins, the DG of Natureworks International Research and Training Institute.

The minister inspected our research work from the institute. I presented Malaria expeller which is an issue in Nigeria, or in Africa. Anything that has to do with malaria is an issue we put ourselves together in our institute to look inward to see how we can take care of malaria at primary level by making sure that we have access to natural medicine that can remove malaria at the cellular level.

So we package malaria expeller and immune booster, because we discovered that the combination they have been using to take care of malaria over the years; after people have used it they still become tired, they become weak. And before you know what is happening; two weeks, they are back again- with the same malaria. But to make sure it is no longer like that, we put it together by putting malaria expeller, plus immune booster because what malaria parasite does is to turn your blood to water.

And once your blood is turned to water- no matter how much drugs they give to you to treat malaria, it will still come back, because the blood has been liquidized. It is weak, it is tired but we eliminate the parasite with our malaria expeller. We eliminate the parasite and we use the immune booster. We boost their immune system and within three days, if you are on this one (she showed a bottle of medicine). You cannot sleep and lie down and be weak because of malaria.

So our own research work has zeroed more on malaria and we believe strongly that if we can get rid of malaria in our region, we will solve the problem of all these ill health – these other events like cardiovascular sickness and diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Treat malaria first and boost your immune system, from there we can know what is remaining. And with this one, we have looked inward.

It is the solution to the primary health care of Nigeria and Africa. One, of the malaria, is locally available. Two, it is our own; we have no reason to run away from what is in our own region, because you are living in the topics. You are in Africa and they are bringing the drug for you from China, from a cold region, and you want to use it to treat me here. It is not going to work. There is no balance.

So we have been able to create balance with this with malaria expeller. First, go for malaria expeller and immune booster when you have malaria.

They were trying to prescribe to you how you will be selling the products. What is your take?

No, that is how I have been selling it over the years. It is not just something I started here in Nigeria. That brain corrector is over thirty years old. Is it now that I came back to Nigeria, I now said no, no? There is something wrong. You need to let people know what to expect when they use a product. If you give me tetra this, tetra that, you confuse me.

I say this one is a malaria expeller. If you use it, let it expel malaria. I say this one is an immune booster, let it boost your immune system for you. But the moment I begin to use pharmaceutical jargon, I send you everywhere. I don’t want that again. When it comes to naming medicine, this is not a drug for God’s sake. This is our own.

What are the prices like?

The prices are very simple. This immune booster is just two five – Two thousand five hundred naira.

And the brain corrector, we are selling that one for five thousand.

Where can one locate it?

We are here in Abuja at the Head of Service. If you come to the head of service and tell them you are looking for LICEMA, they will bring you to my office.


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