Igbos in FCT will benefit from the new government unless Tunubu fails to win – Comrade Ogwuegbu

Comrade Obinna Francis Ogwuegbu, standing
Comrade Obinna Francis Ogwuegbu, 2nd left
Comrade Obinna Francis Ogwuegbu

The Convener of Igbo Arise for Tinubu/Shettima 2023 Comrade Obinna Francis Ogwuegbu said this at a Town Hall meeting organized by the group at Ushafa FCT. He spoke in Igbo Language and it is translated below. Excerpts;

He understands that the minds of people he is working with are focus to the same place they are going.

He said that in other tribes their representatives when they receive things for the people shares it, but our people he observes when they receive for his keeps it to themselves.

He apologies for keeping the people waiting for so long.

He pleaded with the people to forget whatever happened in the past and look on to the future so that the name of the Igbo will not be missing when things are being shared.

Observed that some Igbos are calling the present administration government of the northerners whereas some of them are in money and eat alone.

He said that very soon they must suffer for withholding what belong to the Igbos.

He said that he is fully an Igbo man; that he attended every academic pursuit in Igbo land up to university – all these in Imo State, Abia State, Enugu State.

He boasted that he is a prince to the core and not the Abuja kind of prince.

He told the people not to be deceived that he is vieng for any elective position.

He said that God will help to expose the evil that we perpetrate against ourselves, so that there will be peace in Igbo land.

He said that it was late last year that he was appointed as the coordinate in Satellite Town Lagos and that many people kicked against it.

He said that he is privy to discussion about the way forward for the Igbo in the coming dispensation that is why he was asked to go and coordinate you people so that the Igbos would be counted during sharing of things.

He said that it is unless that Tinubu/Shettima did not win the election, but if they happen to win, Igbos in FCT will benefit from the new government of APC. He said that the mistake the Igbos made in Lagos State is that they neglect their host and voted for other people.

He said that such is not done at all. He said that so long we do our business in a place and our children attend schools there when it comes to voting we now say that what they like does not please us. He said that such position is a lie.

He noted that an Igbo man is in the contest, he asked that the Igbo should not vote for only the Igbo candidate.

He advised that the Igbos should not be deceived that they cannot be together. He said he had resolved that he would see the end of the journey they had started.

He promised that he would not forsake the people when things become good. He added that if God that used Hajia Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, to recommend him for the position. She pointed out that this man has suffered for president Buhari.

He revealed that Hajia Aliyu submitted his name severally for the position on several occasions before it was finally accepted. He then asked the people to always remember Hajia Ramatu Aliyu in prayer. He said that no FCT Minister had helped the Igbos like Hajia Aliya. He finally asked the people to remain focused because the future is brighter.     


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