Don’t allow them to use you to disrupt election-Esther Chiakor

Mrs. Esther Chiakor, 2nd left
Mrs. Esther Chiakor

Mrs. Esther Chiakor, the Founder of Hopealive, Enlightenment and Empowerment; Kwamkwase Foundation made the plea during voter enlightenment organised by Kwamkwase Foundation at Angwan Dadi, Nyanya Abuja. It was contained in the speech she delivered at the event. Excerpts;

You have live then you have hope that no matter how bad the situation is, a day is coming that God will remember you. So long there is life, there is hope and that is why we chose that name.

And why did we choose this environment? Why we choose this environment is because when politicians are looking for touts, they come to the villages, they go to the villages to pick touts that would go and disrupt elections and their children are abroad.

You are here, they will come and hire you as tugs to come and disrupt elections. And that is why we have come here to empower you, to enlighten you, to let you know that you should not allow them to use you to disrupt election.

Don’t allow them to use your children to disrupt election. It is this five naira worth of food item that they are going to give, that is what we have come to give you, so that you don’t sell your vote. So that you don’t give yourself as a tout to the deceit they want to carry out.

2023 election, everybody eyes have to be opened. We have made our mistakes in the past, we are not going to make it again this time.

The mistake has caused everyone of use (the big and the mighty), it has caused us a terrible injury. And we are not ready to make it again. Or are you ready to make it again? Are you ready to give out your vote? Are you ready to collect peanut for five years.

And look at the level of hunger and that is why we have come to enlighten you and also remind you that the highest you can get is peanut that is not going to take you anywhere we have come here to say; hold your vote. When you go to the polling booth, there are parties and there parties, all you need to do is to know which party. Your eyes must be open, so that you choose the right party. Don’t let anybody cajole you. Don’t let anybody start preaching to you at the point of voting. Don’t allow anybody to confuse you with their language and promises.

We have had promises in the past, now you have to promise yourself this time around. It is you that will promise yourself that nobody will promise me anything.  Promise yourself and you will see that you will fulfill your own promises. If you allow them to promise you, they have promised in the past and they have not fulfilled them, they failed. Now you promise yourself that this time around, I am going to choose who I know that is going to make my life better. I will have the benefit of government.

Other countries, their citizens enjoy their government, now, all our youths you are running outside the country. So many of our youths are running out; And when they go out, they are enslaved. This time around we want to get it right, so that our youths will return back. Our brothers will come back home. The industries will come back home, resources will come back home. You will have work to do. Your children will have work to do. Your brothers will have work to do.

That is why Hopealive Enlightenment and Empowerment has come here to do. We also with support of you whoever that is going to support us will engage in skill acquisition so that you don’t go empty; so that you don’t go idol.

Some of us left school for so many years and are still idol. But when you choose the right candidate, when you finish your education, you will have job to do. You have skill.

Let me tell you, German people that build Mercedes that some of the big men are riding; people that are building those cars, they did not go to school. They have skills they go to practice, they teach them to work and they are the ones manufacturing the vehicles that you people are using.

So when you have your skills, you see that you can move mountain. The person that is educated will come and be serving you because you have factory. With your skill you are able to live and survive anywhere.

I hope you heard me.


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