For one and a half years I gave all my salary for work of God – Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo

Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo
Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo, 4th from left
Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo and wife Elizabeth
Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo,4th from left
Barr Justin Ishaya Dodo, 2nd from left

The above statement was contained in the address delivered by the Executive Director, Human Resources, of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Barr. Justin Ishaya Dodo in response to an award as the “Ambassador for Humanitarian Services”, by a group called United Pastors for Good Governance. Excerpts;

I thank TCN Chapel of light for having given me this platform. I was here in 2004. We started this place in 2003, but I had to leave for my first missionary journey, I call it my first missionary journey. I went to an office that was newly set up. And I was like, if I would . . . because I love this fellowship here so much. I was thinking I would be shuttling between Garki and this place, until God said why not start a fellowship.

And I said wao, start a fellowship! How? And I said I will start a fellowship in your office. I picked it up. I called one of my staff and said God has said in my heart I that should start a fellowship in this building. And we need to start it from the office.

So, what would you do? It is to put a notice for Christians who want to fellowship with God between one and two pm. Let’s start from my office.

By the time I left there we had a number of up to thirty people meeting in my office.

So, I had to move from there, the fellowship was doing very well. He took over from me (he pointed at somebody in a corner).

Pastor Festus was there. That was where I met Pastor Festus; we have been friends since that time. He is a missionary, I have been sponsoring him. Sponsoring on wherever he wants to go, but I won’t go to Maiduguri, because Maiduguri is his zone; Maiduguri and Zamfara. I said, I will sit here and advise you. If you want money, I will send money to you, but you will not invite me to come to your mission.

I left Garki and came to zone four. For one whole year I was there with no activity at all, by way of fellowship. There was no activity and so the spirit of God played in my heart to start a fellowship in Zone 4.

The fellowship had died out. There was fellowship but there was no fellowship when I came.

So, on the next Sunday morning after service I just felt the information come to my heart. I said Madam, there is a message God has laid in my heart. I need to go and deliver it immediately.

So, I am not even going to… I just packed outside and said, please if you can come down let me rush to the church before they close, because there was a church close to the office.

And God was saying that I should contact the pastor, to know if he would allow us to use his church for our fellowship one to two-week days (Monday to Friday).

After I dropped them, I immediately rushed to see the pastor. Fortunately, the service was over and he was outside meeting with his people, greeting his people. And I approached him; Pastor I have a message for you.

What is the message? God said we should contact you to meet you to allow us to make use of your place from Monday to Friday. He said, I have a board, let me contact my board members so that we will get back to you very shortly.

By Monday morning he called me and said you can have the place. Hallelujah! (the congregation corroussed Amen).

That is how we revived that fellowship. That fellowship is still going. He is still there. He is one of their Apostles that go there, (he pointed at one man by the corner).

He is here with me but on a regular basis he attends to them. And that was my second missionary journey. I haven’t gone for the third one.

I came back, I was called back to Jerusalem where it all started. Since I came back I have been here. I took leadership some four years ago now. I looked for leadership some four years ago.

So you see, that has been my journey. But the story of helping, sponsoring and investing in humanity actually started when God told me; took me over three parts “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding”. “Acknowledge me in all you ways and I shall direct you in your parts”. It was a battle. What accompanied the Bible passage was “I want you to give out your salary for as long as you work. I said, “did I hear well.” Did I hear you well, that I should give all of my salary as long as I work? And that was- I still had like fifteen years or more in the service.

So for fifteen years I will take my salary, everything and give for the work of God. It was a very, very difficult decision.

So, I was very, very reluctant, until the sixth month, I had a vision of the Holy Spirit. I am going to give you the book so that I will shorten… Somebody has written a book. I will give you the book so you can read it in your spare time. But it was actually after that vision that I got the boldness to start giving my salary for God’s work.

So, there was a ministry. I invested all that money in one ministry for one full year. Before that, we had a payment that was made to us. We call it MTM. Five million naira was given to us. And I was like, I started, I took part of the money. But when God started talking to me; I think I still had about two point five with me.

So, I started with giving out five hundred thousand; that wasn’t enough. God said, give the whole. I took the remaining balance of the two million and gave it to the ministry. For one full year I was giving all of my salary everything. The first one month, I gave out  . . . You know it says “Trust in the Lord with all your …and lean not unto your own understanding.

For the first month I tried to lean on my understanding. I said ok, God said it is salary. I think it is a basic salary. He didn’t talk about allowances. You see the logic. Do you know that in the first month I didn’t have my peace? I gave the basics but I didn’t have my peace. The following month, I started with the whole.

For one and a half years I gave out all my salary for the work of God.


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