Igbos need to come into central politics to benefit from Tinubu/Shettima ticket – Adaeze Moneke

Princess Adaeze Olisa-Elo Moneke, left
Princess Adaeze Olisa-Elo Moneke

The National Women Leader of Igbo Arise for Tinubu/Shettima 2023, has posited that the Igbos have to be in the central politics to be able to benefit from Tinubu/Shettima ticket. She made the statement during the inauguration of the national working committee of the group. Excerpts;

May we know you officially?

My name is Princess Adaeze Olisa-ELo Moneke. I am the director of investment, AMAC. I am the woman leader Shettima/Tinubu, Igbo Arise, Aham Efula. I am one of the stakeholders in the FCT in APC Politics. And I am sure what we are doing today will touch and affect our upcoming election in 2023. I know that we are going to win.

Can you give a brief history and the aims and objectives of this organization?

The aim is to make sure that we reach out to the other Igbos across FCT in order for us to secure this mandate for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to lead this country come 2023.

What is going to be the benefit to other Igbos after Bola Tinubu/Shettima?

The benefits to the Igbos are that we need to come to terms by coming into central politics. It has been long we have been divided into regional politics which has not really favoured the Igbos.

There is a word that says once beaten, twice shy. So if an Igbo man has been sidelined. Why are you sidelined? It is a matter of your finding, and putting square peg where they should be.  Find the round one in where it’s supposed to be. That is what it is. Otherwise if you continue to do one thing, the same way all the time, you get the same result. But when you change your strategy in doing things you expect a different result.

That is why we are calling on the Igbos to come out en masse and support the Shettima/Tinubu ticket because it is a national ticket. It is a ticket we know that sure, it will be delivered and they are going to carry Igbo people along, just like none has done in the past.

Tinubu is a strategist. He knows how to fix the people around. If you go to Lagos, you will see what he has done. He has done it for the vice president, Gbajabiamila. If you go down memory lane you will see his products; people he has mentored. And today they are in places. This is what we want to see in Igbo peoples’ lives.

And if you go to Lagos you will find out that a lot of Igbo people are in places of authority in the government as far as APC is concerned. It is not magic; it is something that is done by someone. It is a precedent laid by somebody. So we need to really queue into this precedence so that it will affect and realign the Igbo people in the central politics. So that it will be for the betterment of the Igbo man. We don’t want to lay our eggs in one basket anymore.


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