With BVAS we will deliver sweet and safe Nigeria to Nigerians – Charles Iyam

Charles Iyam

The auditor APC, Cross River State, Charles Iyam has said that with BVAS, sweet and safe Nigeria will be delivered to Nigerians come 2023. He made the statement during the workshop organized by APC for its finance departments across the states and FCT.

Charles Iyam said the essence of the training was to streamline everything so that money bags would not take advantage of things. He said that INEC had placed a benchmark on financial spending during the forthcoming elections. He said that anybody who exceeds such a bench mark will be in trouble with INEC. He prayed that people should adhere to the instruction put in place by INEC.

Charles Iyam expressed gratitude to God that President Buhari has been able to put a template in place which Nigerians are proud of. He reiterated that Nigerians are proud of the free and fair election that the President has introduced through BVAS.

He explained that people really have to vote according to their conscience as every vote will count this time around. He said that anyone trying to do anything funny will be disappointed “With BVAS on ground, we will surely deliver sweet and safe Nigeria to Nigerians”, he concluded.


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