We will play according to the rule of the electoral act – APC National treasurer

Chief Matthew O. Uguru

The national treasure of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Chief Matthew O. Uguru has revealed that the APC will play according to the electoral act during the forthcoming general elections in 2023. He made the revelation during a workshop organized by APC on Financial Management for its finance officers in Abuja.

Chief Uguru said the training was for state chapters of APC finance departments, which were represented at the event by treasurers, auditors and financial secretaries of the state chapters of APC including FCT.

Speaking to newsmen at the event, Chief Uguru said his message to the people is to play according to the rules of the game, because according to him politics is a government of people which they were about to put in place. He defined politics as the government of the people which can be achieved through elections. He also refers to it as the government of freedom.

He added that wherever there is freedom things will move accordingly and naturally for both the big and small and no one will be suppressed.

On whether there was any financial mismanagement that necessitated the training he said there was none.

Rather he said it is good to continue to develop from one step to another. The essence of the training according to him is to widen and also strengthen the players in the finance department of APC, so that they know more. He said it is good for them to be better tomorrow than they are today.

He said that after the training, the attendees can have the kind of experience that the national officers of the party have. And they would go to their various states and spread it to the chapters in the states.


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