NNPP has no pact with PDP – Dr. Major Agbo

Dr. Major Agbo

The national publicity secretary of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Dr. Major Agbo has told newsmen that NNPP is not in a pact with the People Democratic Party (PDP).

He made the clarification in Abuja during an Award ceremony that took place at the Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja.

When he was asked about the forthcoming election as regards the tension on ground, he said there must be elections in 2023 even though there will be hitches. He believed strongly that elections must take place and winners be sworn at the end of the exercise.

On what the structure of NNPP is like going into the final laps of the campaign, he said that the party has presence in every part of the country. He said that the NNPP presidential candidate, His Excellency Rabiu Kwankwaso is a grassroots person going by his antecedents.

He revealed that Sen. Kwankwaso has been going round the country to campaign in a manner no other candidate has done in the past. He said that the emphasis of the party is on interacting directly with the people.

 Answering questions on why the NNPP is  in a pact with PDP as being carried by rumors, he said that NNPP is not in any pact with PDP or any other party as far as the forthcoming elections are concerned.

 Dr. Agbo however said that there could be realignment here in the event that any of such could lead to better deals for all involved. His word; “But then, in politics, there could be realignment here and there in the event that any of them would lead us”, he concluded.


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