Money laundering allegation: organization demands fair hearing

Ibrahim Garba Iceman, reading the press release
Ibrahim Garba Iceman

AA Zaura campaign organization, the body campaigning for Abdulsalam Abubakar Zaura senatorial ambition in Kano State has raised the alarm over an allegation that the senatorial candidate is into money laundering.

The matter is with the EFCC, and the organization is demanding that the matter should be handled judiciously.  

The statement was made at a press conference issued by the organization in Abuja. The full text of the press release is presented below.

Text of a Press Conference organized by AA Zaura Campaign Organisation on the recent threat by the EFCC to effect an arrest on our Principal which has gone viral.

Gentlemen of the Press!

It has become necessary for us to address members of the Press today on recent reports in the media about the threat to arrest our Principal AA Zaura on allegations of money laundering charges. 

Let me begin by saying what attracted our Principal more about President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is the willingness to obey the rule of law, and the independence given to the judiciary to perform its constitutional duty as the last hope of the common man. This a legacy we believe Mr. President will bequeath on Nigerians upon leaving office in 2023 in Sha Allah as the judiciary remain a critical arm of government, the last hope of the common man.

President Buhari reiterated this recently at the inauguration of the Body of Benchers Complex in Abuja, when he advised the judiciary to sustain the rule of law in Nigeria and ensure the integrity of participatory democracy by remaining honest arbiters in pre and post-election matters. 

Our principal holds this in higher esteem and does not believe in cutting corners because of his firm belief in the judiciary and has followed every process from the beginning up till the time the high court in Kano pronounce him innocent after all allegations. AA Zaura has no link with the charges brought forward. Our legal team on the other hand has been attending all court processes and has since filed a similar petition to the Supreme Court for further hearing on the matter. 

As a philanthropist and successful businessman, AA Zaura carved a niche for himself globally in the area of commerce, and his passion to do more for Kano and Nigeria inspired him to join politics to ensure that his people enjoy the dividend of democracy.

He also believes in the most prominent models of political participation which focus on the ability to participate, showing that people higher in socioeconomic status are most likely to become active in the political process because they have the time, money, and/or civic skills necessary for participation.

However, his decision to throw his hat into the ring has attracted enemies from opponents because he came to change the narratives; This is sequel to the fact that the level of poverty requires those with entrepreneurial skills to teach and empower others to become self-dependent. The statistics are there for public scrutiny and Kano State is just a few hours’ drive from the Federal Capital Territory.

By these, we are challenging every media practitioner to visit Kano State and verify since the return to democracy in 1999, if there is any young politician or businessman that has impacted the lives of the people positively in Kano State like AA Zaura. Is it a crime to build people and develop institutions? Why selective probe when a case has been quashed for lacking in evidence? 

Our principal real name is Abdulsalam Abdulkarim Zaura but for brand marketing, he identified with his root at Zaura in Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano State and by extension taking the name to the global space because Zaura is a rich mix of culture and civilization.  

Also, his ambassadorial role is felt everywhere, he lifted GPN, a political party to appear on the ballot box in Kano State during the 2019 elections. Yes, Zaura made a statement. These efforts and many others attracted the ruling APC in Kano State when he was lobbied to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

When he was contacted, he didn’t hesitate in accepting to serve on the platform. Today he is contesting under the platform of the All Progressives Congress for the Kano Central Senatorial Zone which comprises 15 local government areas of Kano State. 

In the meantime, our legal team are up and running in ensuring that we get a fair hearing and has furnished our principal with details of every court session. As a law-abiding personality, our Principal is ready to appear in person to answer all charges that will be brought forward.

The case is ongoing, and we are proud of our judiciary in this regard.  

Our Demand 

In as much as we appreciate the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) role on the matter, we appeal for a fair hearing on the matter so that a proper investigation is done so as not to ridicule the process because of his hard-earned reputation which was earned through hard work many years now.

We have seen how great people are made and we also have seen how great institutions collapse for lack of self-evaluation, our only appeal to the EFCC is that they should meet us at the Supreme Court to test the law to avert infractions.

Our principal is not evading court procedures but we appeal to a section of the media not to be biased on this matter. We urged them to please take a step further in asking the right questions so that facts can be established before rushing to the press. 

AA Zaura is first a Nigerian with all rights and privileges and also a man of honour that is testing the political waters. This too will make him stronger and more committed to his passion for mankind. 

We appreciate our teaming support groups and friends waiting with their PVCs ahead of the 2023 general elections to vote for AA Zaura.

Together we shall create a new path toward sustainability and growth for our generation and the next if we vote wisely.

We are also advising EFCC to reduce media showcase and focus on its Constitutional mandate as Zaura’s appeal was pending before the Supreme Court in appeal No.Sac/CR/45_/2022

The matter is adjourned to 30th January 2023.

Ibrahim Garba Iceman

PA and Spokesman for AA Zaura campaign organization


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