Following procurement principles gives value for money – Engr. Gwadabe

The General Manager, procurement Transmission Service Provider (TSP) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) Engr. Abubakar Ahmad Gwadabe has posited that when the principles of procurement are adhered to during procurement, it will go a long way in providing value for money to an organization. He made the statement in Abuja while receiving an award of excellence as the “General Manager of the year 2022” by Urban Developer Award Group.

He thanked the group for finding him worthy for the award and promised to do more in coming years.

Speaking about the field that earned him the award, Engr. Gwadabe said that the aim of procurement is to guide an organization on how to go about procurement of goods, works and services in accordance with codes of conduct, in accordance with due diligence, in accordance with written public procurement act 2007. He said that there are other documents that guide procurement in an organization.

He went on to explain the principles of procurement. He said that value for money is the first principle of procurement.

Others are principles of transparency, accountability, justice, equity- so that everybody will be on board. He said that there are processes in procurement of which number one is open bidding. He said this is to give everybody an equal chance to participate.

He explained that nobody should be given undue advantage over others in order to maintain transparency. He said that there are some exceptions he called restricted bidding for emergency procurement.

He said that even in emergency procurement there are rules to follow during such a period.

On how procurement can save money for an organization he said; “If you procure according to these principles, you have value for money, you save money from losses you would have encountered.”

He further explained that at TCN they resist public influence from anywhere during procurement and that is why they have not been having complaints from stakeholders. 


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