NGOs and government should embark on Cancer awareness campaign – Ijamilu Aliyu

The cancer registry from Gombe State has advocated that NGOs and government should embark on cancer awareness campaigns in order to let those who have cases come forward for proper diagnosis and treatment. He made this statement during the International Cancer Week in Abuja.

The theme of this year’s event is “Bridging the Cancer Care Gaps; Improving Diagnosis and Multi-disciplinary Management.” It took place at the NAF Centre, Abuja.

Speaking to our correspondent at the event Ijamilu Aliya said that awareness creation is very important so that people with symptoms can come up for diagnosis and early detection, which he believes helps in getting the patient treated and probably cured. He noted that the most prevalent cancers among females are breast cancer and prostate cancer among male.

He revealed that the greatest challenging issue about cancer treatment is the finance and unavailability of some of the cancer drugs. He said that in his base, at times patients come for treatment and it will take two to three days before their drugs could be provided. Aliyu said that he will take home from cancer week.

He said it has advocated for awareness creation by stakeholders so that people will present themselves for diagnosis and early detection. Early detection, he said, will prevent the spread of the disease to the third stage. He said that when cancer is detected early, it will be easy to handle.

Among the things he is going back with from the event is the issue of awareness creation so that patients will go for early diagnosis and treatment. He then said that NGOs and governments should embark on awareness creation.


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