Iwaji must be revered by the igbos at home and in diaspora – Ikechukwu Akachukwu

The public relations officer (PRO) of Osumenyi Town Assembly, Abuja branch, Ikechukwu Jonathan Akachukwu has noted that the annual Iwaji ceremony of the Igbos should be revered by all igbo people both at home and in the diaspora. He made the statement during the 2022 Ofala Festival of HRH Ernest Okechukwu, the Eze Igbo of Nyanya FCT.

Akachukwu said Osumemy people were especially at the event to stand by the grand patron of Osumenyi Town Assembly, Abuja Branch, Chief Denis Nnubia who the assembly conferred the award on. He said the massive turnout of Osumemyi people at the event was to express the kind of love they have for one of their fathers.

He also spoke about one of the major cultures of the Igbos which is Iwaji. He said that Iwaji is a traditional ceremony that is known to the igbos and that it has come a long way. He explained that the most important thing about the ceremony is for people to always remember the reason and the essence of Iwaji.

He described Iwaji as a traditional symbol of igbo culture, and pointed out that every Iwaji must commensurate with the size of gathering at such occasions.

Ikechukwu Jonathan Akachukwu who has witnessed Iwaji in the USA advised that Iwaji should always be celebrated with the honor that it is known for.       


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