Alkaline Water detoxifies the acidic in the blood system – Moka

The representative of Lasena Artesian Natural Alkaline Mineral at the second Abuja International Food and Beverage Expo 2022, Moka Gloria has explained that alkaline water detoxifies acidic materials in the blood system. The three day event with the theme; “Innovative strategies for the growth of food and beverage” took place at the Cyprian Ekwensi Cultural Centre, Abuja.

Moka said that Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral is the only alkaline water in Nigeria. According to her the firm was established in 2009 but started operation in 2013 after securing NAFDAC approval and other things needed to be put in place.

She posited that everyone needs alkaline water because most of the things we eat in this country are acidic. She pointed out that most of the other packaged waters have preservatives.

She further explained that Lasena alkaline water is affordable; she said a pack of the water costs only Two Thousand Naira (N2, 000.00).

She said that when people eat and drink at bars and restaurants, they are likely to get their systems contaminated by acidic materials in what they eat and drink. She therefore advised people to eat right and live right by drinking Lasena Artesian Alkaline Water.


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