I will bridge the issue of gender imbalance gap – Barr Ikhayere

Barr. Juliet Isi Ikhayere

The ADC House of Representative Candidate for AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency, Barr. Juliet Isi Ikhayere has stated that she will try to bridge the gender gap imbalance when elected as House of Rep member.  She made the statement in Abuja while speaking to newsmen. Excerpts;

May we know you officially?

I am Barr. Juliet Isi Ikhayere, the ADC House of Representative candidate for AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency.

What do you think you can do for AMAC/Bwari residents?

Already I have identified problems so far with AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency with the issue of representation. And one of them is that we need a common ground for us to carry everybody along so that they don’t come up feeling sidelined. So I am coming in to actually see ways that we can bridge the gap and also take the indigenes and non indigenes, make sure that their voices are heard louder. So the non indigenes feel the way of the government, but they will know they have a spokesperson and an advocate.

Secondly, coming to bridge the issue of gender imbalance; you know there has been an issue of lack of gender inclusiveness when it comes to female participation. And as a female we all understand the issues relating to women when it comes to empowerment, when it comes to health issues, when it comes giving them voice in the society.

So they see a mentor, a role model. And this also applies to the youths who also feel out of place and marginalized in the system.

Another issue we want to do is also to champion the course, speak about issues relating to infrastructure, because the role of the parliamentarian is to investigate corruption ineptitude within the executive which serves as oversight function. And that is why there are usually committees to supervise how money is disbursed and how the allocation of monies are utilized, over time.

So this we will be doing in order to champion the courses towards infrastructure, deliberate implementation of education, economic empowerment issues.

 And as a lawyer it will interest me to state that as a lawyer the issue of social justice will be something I will critically work into, whereby our law firms will be able to speak and advocate for people who actually feel they have partaken in the inhume treatment that people who are not given opportunity to speak are actually meted with.

And then, lastly the issue of health; you know that the primary health centers all over the place in FCT are usually in dilapidated states. I will be speaking about this issue, liaising with the agencies and then see how we will be able to champion a common ground for them to be able to do what they are supposed to do.

And we talk about youth and creativity and innovation, so bring all these youthful ideas and creativity and give them a voice because one thing with influence and power is that it gives you opportunity to speak for people and use your influence the best way you can to help their course.

What is your experience in people management and in politics?

Oh yes it has been growing wider and wider. As a person who always understands that everybody has his different temperament, how to be able to use mediation and other alternative dispute resolution to actually bring people together and then solve disputes is a key factor in people’s management.

So team – spiritedness is what has actually kept me going, even if it is rancor, it is not out of place that you will not have rancor. But how do you actually meant fences? How do you bring people together? How do you settle disputes? And how do you make sure that you proffer the solutions that lead to everybody going ahead.

So at the end of the day you see yourself being a team leader, you see yourself being a person who actually wants to solve disputes when they arise, you see yourself championing the course to a better tomorrow.

Are you going to use the money you are going to make up yourself?

I have my office, I have my business. I am a fish farmer and I am also a lawyer. So I have been doing my business. And right from my university days I won the entrepreneur of the year in the University of Benin. I sold jewelries. I blended tomatoes and pepper, not because I was lacking basic things, but because I needed to just make extra effort to see how actually it is to put hands together and make something.

Be productive, because to be productive gives me joy. I can’t remember a day in my life when I am not doing something that is of impact. I also sold zobo, ginger, just little things that can be profitable.

And it has actually translated to having a fish farm – a little medium scale fish farm today which I can actually use to take care of my family and also help the needy.

And I am also the executive director of J. Ikhayere Foundation. Over time I use my fund to give to young people to teach them ethics and civic engagement. We know that there is a gap between the young people understanding ethics and patriotism. They must not wait until when they are twenty to get to the field and understand these, but going to schools and teaching them and telling them all these things, so that in the next ten years when they are up to the age, they will be able to exercise their franchise and commit to social development.  


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