The people will determine who will represent them come 2023 – Hon. Dr. Ubanze

Hon. Dr. Ubanze Tochukwu Randreen (Ubasinachi)

Hon. Dr. Ubanze Tochukwu Randreen (Ubasinachi) (M)

Hon. Dr. Ubanze Tochukwu Randreen (Ubasinachi) has posited that the people will determine those to represent them come 2023. He said this during a chat with news men in Abuja. Excerpts;

May we know you officially?

I am Hon. Dr. Ubanze Tochukwu Randreen (Ubasinachi)

What are you up to come 2023?

We are up to paradigm shift. It is time for us to wake up and give youth a chance, let us take our government back. That is what we are up to. It is what I am pushing out there. That is the time for us to participate in the government of FCT, AMAC/Bwari precisely.

How do you intend to out stage the two leading political parties; PDP/APC?

I think power belongs to the people. So it is the people that give power. Unlike before, what encouraged us to come out to contest is because we are aware that power belongs to the people. Unlike before somebody will sit somewhere and write names of those he prefers and declares them winners.

Now with this PVC/BVAS introduction by INEC people will determine who will represent them. And if you campaign well, and I believe my candidature is peoples candidature; so I believe that with what we are doing now, with what is happening in INEC now, with new evolution now, the people will determine who will represent them.

What do you have to offer, is it only youthfulness you have to offer?

Before now, I have been with people. I have worked as the chairman of the people’s assembly in my unit. I have worked with Ohanze. During last Igbo day I was the secretary of award and gala night. I was the chief of protocol to the leading political candidate, Atiku then, which peradventure has exposed me to meet this leading presidential candidate today. By the grace of God I have had interaction with Peter Obi, Atiku and Tinubu when I was Protocol to my uncle who was a Senator, Senator Ben Obi.

So I am prepared because I know the routine. It is not just youthfulness. It is the antecedent that matters. It is not just by age, it is by exposure and I believe that I am sufficiently exposed enough.

What is lacking in the representation of your constituency that you want to go and make right and make it go round?

I think those that have been representing AMAC/Bwari before now have that sense of entitlement and they feel because they know how to manipulate elections that your vote, your say doesn’t matter. So I want to take this government down to grass roots. I want to make our diversity in FCT to become our unity. We are trying to make sure that every tribe, every town, whether you are youth, whether you are elderly, you will have your say in FCT.

Most of the youths don’t know what is going on in FCT. Some of them don’t even know that they have a house of representative in FCT. Some people are telling me that they are waiting for the presidential election. They don’t even know that there is a House of Representatives, because there was no representation before now.

So I am going to bring the government down to the grassroots.

How established is your party APGA now that the field is open?

Yes I believe in people’s structure. But beyond the people’s structure APGA has won elections in Gwagwalada Area Council, APGA won Local Government election in Gwagwalada Area Council. It has won election in Niger State.

APGA has won election in Benue State, Blessing Onu. The issue is this, my party, if you are going to rate a third force, APGA is a third force.

Having a state Governor, having performed very well in Anambra State, which is supposed to be a yardstick for other states to emulate from; So I think in APGA we have structure, structurally and peoples’ structure, so we are fully on ground, in FCT.

Who do you intend to get behind you? Across the board, are you going to be sectional?

No! I will not be sectional. My campaign is diversity in unity. We have people from different orientations. My foundation has helped people from different backgrounds. So it is not a sectional issue. I can’t be sectional.

I am not going to feel entitled, because if you feel entitled, the next time they will remove you.

When I am there, I will try to open the door for people from different backgrounds to come to politics and belong, because wherever you are investing, wherever you are staying you are supposed to have a say and have a stake. I am a stakeholder. And I believe we are going to encourage other stakeholders to come into politics.

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