Miracle gets assistance of knitting materials from NGO

Miracle Uzubuaku
Miracle Uzubuaku in her shop
Miracle Uzubuaku knitting with one hand

Miss Miracle Uzubuaku    who lives in Abuja with her parents has been assisted by HOPEALIVE ENLIGHTENMENT AND EMPOWERMENT-KPAMKWASE FOUNDATION with some knitting materials.

Miss Miracle is a physically challenged person who is into knitting caps, cardigans, sweaters to mention but few.  She was not born with any form of defect, her predicament came as a result of cerebral malaria attack she had when she was 7yrs of age.

She was given a wrong injection on her forehead according to her mother and it disfigured her shoulder through to the left hand and left leg, making it difficult for her to move without limping. This ailment eroded most parts of her hair.

Miracle who was born normal now lives as a physically challenged and has decided to be useful to herself and the society at large. This idea moved her into learning a skill in which knitting became an option for her.  She narrated her ordeal of how she went in search of employment and was rejected because of her physical deformation even when they knew that she could handle that task.

This is actually what motivated her seeking self-skill to engage herself, and she eventually discovered this trade through trial and error until she mastered it.

The team of KPAMKWASE FOUNDATION visited her at her place of work which is in front of someone’s shop.  On interviewing her it was learnt that she can make up a reasonable number of caps within a week.

She has her customers and well-wishers who patronise her as well. She supplies to others on wholesales bases. Though she has limited materials to work with, meeting with the team of KPAMKWASE FOUNDATION, her joy knows no bounds as she was loaded with wools of various colours and sizes in their quantities according to her request.

Even though she has been supported with working material, she is still in need of a shop to herself and a knitting machine to make her trade easier to accomplish.

On this note any goodhearted person and a lover of hard work should please become a partner to accomplish this project and God will remember you at the point of your need.

Be  informed  that there are hundreds, if not thousands out there that are looking forward to a day of their visitation like a Miracle experience and they are waiting for people like you to please throw in your support and put a smile on someone’s face and you will be glad you did.


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