Security wellbeing discussion of the country is very important – DC Bomodi

DC Timi Bomodi

The Deputy Comptroller (DC) of the Nigeria Customs Service, who is also the national public relations officer of the organization DC Timi Bomodi has posited that discussion about security wellbeing of the country is very important. He made the statement at the 2022 Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Annual General Meeting (AGM), while speaking to newsmen in Abuja.

According to DC Bomodi the event was an opportunity for public relations practitioners to interact among themselves and also to discuss issues that are germane to the current Nigeria situation. The theme of the event is; “Citizens Summit for National Integration, Peace and Security”.

There were over sixteen main topics discussed during the event, some of them are;    “Reopen Conversation, Rebuild Trust”; “Nigeria: where we missed it, the need to Rethink and Return”; “Rethinking Security in the Federal Republic of Nigeria: Fresh Approaches, New Strategies and Dynamic Engagements”; “Restructure Nigeria: What? Why? How? And When?”; and many other important topics.

DC Bomodi revealed that NIPR has its members in all walks of life like in all the departments, agencies and ministries. He pointed out that the pace of discussion of security issues in the country should be taken seriously and properly dissected. His words; “The pace with national discussion concerning security wellbeing and the nature of discussion and conversations that we have are very important issues that need to be properly dissociated”.

Prominent personalities from all walks of life were chosen by NIPR leadership to speak on the topics of the event. Some of them are Prof. Anya O. Anya, Dr. Osita Okechukwu DG VON; Prof. Mande Samaila and many others. 

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