Marriage is renewal of humanity- Engr.Udeze

Somtochukwu Zikora and his bride (M)
R – L Emeka Mbaneme; Engr. Nwufo Udeze; Engr. Ben Nwodika; Oseloka Zikora; Dr. Eloka Menakaya and Paul Onyilofor

A senior citizen from Ojobi Umunya in Oyi LGA of Anambra state, Engr Nwufo Obiora Udeze has pointed out that marriage is like renewal of humanity that keeps the human race in continuity.

He made the statement in Abuja during the wedding ceremony of the son of Mr. Oseloka Zikora,Somtochukwu Zikora. The Wedding was between Mr. Somtochukwu Zikora and Frieda Osahenrunrumwen, and it took place at the Basilica of Grace Anglican Church Gudu District Abuja. The Reception was at Maha Events Center, Garki Abuja.

Speaking at the Event, an elder statement Engr. Nwufo Obiora Udeze, a native of Ojobi village in Umunya Oyi LGA of Anambra said that marriage is a way of maintaining the human race. His word; “Marriage can be likened to renewal of humanity so that humanity should go on”.

He noted that weddings started in Cannan when Jesus performed his first miracle. He said that marriage is a revered institution meant to bring up a family so that the human race will continue.

He pointed out that marriage has challenges but people have been surviving it and will continue to survive.

The 78yaer old Engr. Udeze explained that Igbo people in Nigeria in the past used to marry very late. This according to him is because an Igbo man would like to have material things like house, car etc before getting married. He also said that some Pentecostal Churches insist that a man has to have a place of his own before getting married. And he said that by the time one has gotten all these things, he would have crossed thirty years.

And he said that it is good for people to marry early because of some of the advantages.

Engr. Udeze said that the decision to go into marriage should be taken seriously because marriage has a lot of challenges. He noted that if it is taken in a hurry it may cash. He also said that when it crashes, the bitterness may linger especially when it has produced children.

However, he said that it can be a beautiful experience if that couple is to raise children in the way of the lord.

 He argued that children who are not cared for will fall into the wrong hands and probably pick up gutter behaviors and become a problem to society.

 He advised that it is important for people to be prepared before going into marriage so that they can care for the children God will give to them.

Mr. Oseloka Zikora, the father of the groom is a native of Umunya that is why Umunya people attended the event enmass.

Umunya people were led to the event by their Abuja Branch chairman, Mr. Emeka Mbaneme.

Other dignitaries from Umunya that graced the occasion are Dr. Eloka Menakaya of Amana Hospital,  Engr Ben Nwodik, Mr. Emeka Chugha (the immediate  past chairman of UDU), Mr. Ben Ejeh,  Ichie Mike Ubaka, Ichie Wilson Ikwuka, Mr. Felix Elijah and many others.

The women wing of UDU) Abuja was led by the chairlady Mrs. Ngozi Ubaka.    

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