Logistics, manpower and working tools are challenges of effective policing – SP Hussaini Audu

SP Hussaini Audu

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Dutse Alhaji Police Division SP Hussaini Audu has noted that the challenges of effective policing in the country are logistics, manpower and working tools. He made the statement when Urban Development Group honored him in Abuja as “The DPO of The Year 2022”.Speaking at the occasion SP Audu thanked the group for finding him worthy of the honour and promised to do more in protection of life and property of the citizens of the country.He pointed out that for the police to effectively discharge their duties, they will always be at alert while others are relaxing in their houses. He put it thus: “You watch while others sleep. You watch while others go to their houses and sleep.”To this effect he said that the challenges militating effective policing are logistics, manpower and working tools.During the event he explained the ranks of police in Nigeria. He said the rank of police starts from constable.He said there are corporals with two chevrons. He said that the police sergeant has three chevrons. An unconfirmed Inspector has one bar according to him. And that a confirmed Inspector has two bars.A police man with one star according to him is an unconfirmed Inspector of police. And that a confirmed Inspector wears two stars. He also said that the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) wears three stars.He said that after a period of three years, if one is found worthy, he will be promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) and begin to wear the coat of arms which he referred to as a symbol of the federation.According to him when one is moving towards management level, which is Assistant Commissioner of Police, he begins to wear a cross stage.A Deputy Commissioner of Police said he wears a cross stage and a star. The next rank which is commissioner he said is the device of the federation and a cross stage.According to him the Assistant Inspector General which is the next rank is a device of the federation, a bar and cross stage. The Deputy Inspector General of Police said he wears a cross stage, a device of the federation and a star.And finally the IG which few individuals attain in their career is signified by a cross stage, two stars and device of the federation.


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