HR outsourcing sector is highly competitive – Oduola Bayonle

Oduola Bayonle

The head of recruitment with Mactay Consulting, Oduola Bayonle has revealed that the human resource (HR) outsourcing business is highly saturated and competitive, He made this disclosure in Abuja during the Huawei organized Job Fair, while speaking to newsmen.

He explained that an organization is not in existence just to hire people, more especially organizations that are into special services. He said it is because such organizations need to concentrate on their specialty areas that HR consulting firms exist. His words, “An organization is in existence is not because they want to be hiring people, so they take the headache off themselves and send it to us”.

Bayonle said that HR outsourcing is different from one off recruitment. One off recruitment, according to him, is basically when one assists a partner to get top talent and just hand the talent over to the partner and go.

But he said that outsourcing involves managing the process end to end. This he explained to include employee engagement, customer management, pay-roll, commission and benefits.

 On what Mactay consulting intended to achieve at the fair, Bayonle said the organization was at Fair basically to get data of many applicants who attended the fair, He said they would interview them and if any of them meets up the requirements that they were looking for, the organization will take them to the next level. He pointed out that what they were doing at the fair was a first level interview for all the prospective candidates that came to them.

Bayonle explained that Mactay Consulting has been in the sector for over forty years. He noted that one of the major challenges facing the industry is brain drain. He described it as a process whereby many young graduates are relocating to other countries in search of greener pastures.

As a result of this, he said it becomes hard most times to get good talents on time.

On what the level of competition in the sector is like, Bayonle said that the business is saturated and that many organizations are now into HR outsourcing. “It is competitive. So, mainly organizations are now into outsourcing”, he said.

 Mactay Consulting delegation to the job fair was led by Toyosi Ajayi


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