Mactay Consulting does not charge applicant to get them jobs – Samson Omoyeni

Samson Omoyeni

A human resource (HR) specialist with MACTAY Consulting, Samson Omoyeni has revealed that Mactay consulting does not charge applicants who get jobs through them. He made this revelation while speaking to newsmen during the Huawei Technologies organized Job Fair, which took place in Abuja.

Omoyeni explained that Mactay Consulting is into human resource outsourcing. He said that their job entails reducing stress from employers so that they will concentrate on their core business areas, and outsource the HR duties to Mactay Consulting.

Mactay Consulting achieves this by doing background checks on prospective employees. They conduct interviews; they train and develop the employees of their clients according to Samson Omoyeni.

Omoyeni said the firm was at the fair to help applicants that were looking for jobs to get employed and also put them through on the career part.

Omoyeni revealed that Mactay Consulting has clients in the telecommunication sector, the financial sector, the hospitality sector and many more.

On how much they charge their customers for their services, Omoyeni said that Mactay Consulting does not charge applicants money to get them jobs in any form. He said that Mactay Consulting only relates with their clients, the employers.

Omoyeni explained how the firm renders their services to applicants and to employers. He said Mactay Consulting has space where they have interviews with applicants. The firm, according to him, has a central database where applicants can visit and apply for jobs by sending their CVs.

After harvesting applications, he said that the firm reaches out to bright ones and arranges for interviews, and once such candidates are successful with Mactay consulting, the firm sends them for client Interviews. He said that when such candidates are successful at the employers’ interview, they get the job.

Samson Omoyeni said HR outsourcing is how to handle the entire human resource activities of a client which involves recruitment, training etc. He also said that it involves staff stay in an organization – from the entrance to exit point. This he broke down to include, recruitment, salary, welfare, engagement, the exit and sanctions.


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