Football is big business – Prince Olusegun

Prince Michael Olusegun
Prince Michael Olusegun (L) presenting an award

The patron of One Big Family, Prince Michael Olusegun has posited that football is a big business. He said this during the finals of a football tournament organised by One Big Family in Abuja.

The event which featured 32 teams took place at Mopol Junction playing pitch, Nyanya Abuja. It lasted for almost one month. The final match was between Horvel Prime Academy and Jihasu FC.  Horvel Prime won the match by one goal to nil.

Prince Olusegun expressed joy for being part of One Big Family which he said started the tournament fourteen years ago in 2008. “I am happy to be associated with this concept. I am the patron of One Big Family,” he said.

Olusegun revealed that the primary essence of the event is to keep youths busy at this time of the year. It also entertains people in the area by making them look forward to the event.

He took pride to say that the tournament is the biggest of its kind in Abuja. He revealed that scouts from Europe do attend the event regularly. This year’s event had in attendance scouts from Germany. He said they will start screening on the first of August, 2022.

On attack on one of the centre referees during one of the games, he said that the organizers have taken action by suspending the erring team until the matter is fully resolved.

He wants the authority to expand the podium to accommodate more people. He also wants the government to lay artificial turf on the pitch.

He posited that when the pitch becomes busy, it will take the youth out of restiveness. And according to him many will be discovered and begin to earn a living from the game.

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