Invasion by quacks is a problem in the building industry–Umar Kampala

industry – Umar Kampala

Alh. Tasiu Umar Kampala
Alh. Tasiu Umar Kampala

The CEO of Nest 09 construction Limited, Alh. Tasiu Umar Kampala has pointed out that one of the problems in the building industry is the invasion by quarks. He made this disclosure during a chat with the newsmen at the 16th edition of the Abuja International Housing Show.

Alh Umar Kampala said he was at the show to explore available options that are within the market.

He said Nest09 construct houses and do some other works within the building like external works. He explained that Nest09 has an arm that handles facility management and some aspects of building management systems which he said is new in the country.

He revealed that Nest09 has a number of professionals that perform tasks for the company, such as mechanical engineers, architects and builders who go to sites and perform the actual production.

He said that Nest09 has foreign partners in the UK and the United State who come into the country when the company has specialist tasks to perform.

Nest09 which is into mass housing, Alh Kampala said partners with estate developers to conclude some of their buildings when they have overwhelming projects.

He said that Nest09 has sixteen different projects and that the company has about eleven completed projects, and counting.

As a thorough builder, he said that one of the major problems in the industry is maintaining standards. And he also pointed out that the invasion of quarks in industry has become a cause for concern to stakeholders in the industry. He therefore wants the government to enact laws that will regulate the activities of quarks in the industry. 


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