Department of Weight and Measures in the FMITI is empowered by law in doing business in Oil & Gas – Mr. Ejibunu

By Gideon Ukpabi:

Mr. Hassan;Said that the Department in the ministry of industry is empowered by law in doing business in Oil & Gas

The Senator Bassey Obong Albert, representing Akwa IbomNorth-East, who is The Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources Upstream, hosted theOil and Gas Companies in National Assembly, which the Director, Weights and Measure, Mr. Hassan Ejibunu from the FMITIhe was among, he also present his achievements and challenges

Am the director of Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment

Distinguish senators, we are pleased to throw more light on the subject which is very important to the nation, anything that has to do with trade in Nigeria the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment has a crucial role to play and that is why we are here to give details on this issue charming the nation.

Distinguish senators, instructions, specific roles in the Oil and Gas industry, recommendation and recognition. Technical department, federal Ministry of industry trade and investment has been established in weights and measures act 1960 National legal metrology agency of Nigeria. It represents Nigeria as a corresponding member  in International legal metrology which is based in France, it’s also involves in both regional and sub -regional metrology body in African metrology and ECOMEN (ECOWAS Metrology) The legal instrument of the department are the weights and measures act WTF 2004 it’s weights and measures the explanation.

Your distinguish, this discussion is crucial considering the role of oil and gas based in the National economy, oil and gas are major sources of revenue for the country and considering the number of government agencies and legal department players that is a need to understand the weights and measures administration, it’s plays the strategic, social, economy and technology in the sector.

Your distinguish the specific role of weights and measures are – Department is empowered by weights and measures Act guide at WTF 2004 to verify the accurate store of new gas  and other measurement instruments including up-stream ( production and export and terminals) mid -stream (Airport) and downstream.

It fully participates in oil and non- oil commodities.

It therefore emphasizes under the law of the Federal republic of Nigeria and verification by the weights and measures department for any instrument used for training.

Distinguished sir/ma I will now go to the subject matter of this meeting is the Act of taking crude Oil from.


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