Govt. should involve oil and Gas stakeholders in planning- Engr. Sanni

Engr. David Sanni
Akele Monday Favour (Managing Director DSM)

The business development director of DMS Automations Engr. David Sanni has said that the government should involve oil and Gas stakeholders in making decisions that will help in solving the challenges facing the sector. He made the statement at 21st Oil and Gas Exhibition in Abuja.

Engr. Sanni argued that it is those in the system that will proffer the right solutions that can be used to tackle the challenges facing the sector, which he believes is surmountable.

DMS as a stakeholder in the oil and gas sector according to Engr. David Sanni, is basically into automation and control. He described DMS as one solution centre in the oil and gas sector.

He said that DMS is hundred percent Nigeria local content compliant and that their priority is to be able to add value in terms of technology and innovation.

This according to him will bring about job creation, job transfer and also help skill localization.

The activities of DMS he argued will help in reducing capital flight in terms foreign currency paid to expatriates. It will also reduce the urge to leave the country in search of expert skills.

DMS activities he said feature in all segments of the sector. Engr. Sanni revealed that DMC has a foreign partner that manufactures about 40,000 products which DMS turn into solutions. 

They are into a segment called factor automation which deals with virtually all in the manufacturing industry from beginning of production to packing. It also includes human and machine safety.

He said DMS is also into logistics automation which has to do with pulling together components and turning them into solutions. This according to him can be in the form of airport logistics identification systems, that one can use in reading barcodes.

He explained that all these support and trace solutions used in manufacturing industries can also check counterfeit products.

DMS also has process automation which they feature in all the segments of the sector: downstream, upstream and even in the midstream.

He revealed that DMS is located in Lagos state. “DMS is a five years old company and it has grown tremendously. DMS is built on three cardinals which are integrity, service and speed”, he said.

Engr. Sanni also revealed that DMS has just expanded to South Africa and recently punched an office in Uganda.


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