FCT youths should be non-violent in protesting for their right. – Comrade Isaac

Isaac David
Amb. Dr. Habiss Tbrahim Ugdada (4th R)

The executive director of Original Abuja Inhabitant Youth Network Comrade Isaac David has posited that the youth should be non violent when agitating for their right. He made this assertion in Abuja during the inauguration of FCT-Youth Network.

While speaking to newsmen, he pointed out that the pains of the original inhabitants that made the youth to start non-violent protest is the neglect by subsequent administrations to accord FCT the status of a state.

This he said fueled the youth of FCT to form the Network so that their youth will be guided on how to fight for their right in non-violent manner.

When asked if they are agitating for the FCT to have the minister of F.CT as an indigene of FCT, he said that the people of F.C.T has secured a court judgment in that regard when a man referred to as Baba Panya fought and secured judgment that FCT should be accorded the status of a state.

This according to him it means that the FCT is entitled to have an indigene as there representative in the Federal executive council.


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