FCT original inhabitants have no state of their own – Yahuza Karshi

Yahuza Karshi

The national secretary of Abuja original inhabitants youth empowerment, Yahuza Karshi speaks to newsmen during the official launch of the F.C.T – youth Network in Abuja. He speaks about the status of original inhabitants of F.C.T whose rights like other Nigerians from states are marginalized excerpts:

Introduce yourself officially.

My name is comrade Yahuza Karshi, the National secretary of Abuja original Youth empowerment.

What is the significance of the day?

The program of today is geared on uniting the young vibrant youths; make them understand the need to come together under one umbrella and to flag off FCT- youth network to fight for their rights in a peaceful manner. By that they will be able to get their right being considered by the Federal government.

What are they going to do exactly?

They are going to fight for political rights, economic rights, and social rights.

In Africa if you take away land from an individual, most especially as an indigene people of FCT, you take away his economy. By the time away from the economy of an individual, you render him useless. And he can do anything.

Secondly, socially as it stands today an indigene of FCT is not even a Nigerian because the constitution did not capture him.

You will bear me witness that every state had their primaries. Did we have primaries of any governorship candidate in FCT? No, because we are not given state status. And without state status you are being denied so many things in Nigeria, socially. Politically they render you useless if you are not having a status.

What are you trying to do at the next level?

The next level is to create awareness and let the federal government know our plight and work towards that and make sure we achieve our plight.

What efforts are made to ensure everybody in FCT is part of this?

The effort we are making is one, as we have eight hundred and eighty two communities around the FCT; as it stands today every community has its representative here and we have sixty two wards in F.C.T. Every ward has its representative here. We have area councils coordinators. Six area councils are fully represented here, they will now go back to their communities to sensitize them on what we are going to do in the next line of action, by uniting them together to come and fight for one cause. And the cause is the freedom of people of FCT original inhabitants.



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