Age of seventy confers more wisdom on people – Dr. Olowoeyo

Moses Ogbonlaiye (L); Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye (2nd L); Sunday Ogbonlaiye (3rd L)
Sunday Ogbonlaiye
Dr. Kolawole Olowoeyo
Sunday Ogbonlaiye (l); Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye (2nd L)
A cross session of guests at the event
Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye ( M )
Moses Ogbonlaiye
Elabiyo Ayanfe
A cross session of guests at the event

Dr. Kolawole Olowoeyo has pointed out that the attainment of seventy years confers more wisdom on people.  He made the statement at the seventieth birthday of Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye in Abuja.

Dr. Olowoeyo who is the son of the senior sister of Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye said his aunty is a very lovely person. He said she is so passionate that most times one sees her, she will be smiling.

The Director of Internal Audit of FRCN, Yusuf H. Dan Audi was at the event and he said that Mrs. Ogbonlaiye is a very passionate woman. He also said that she is well disciplined, and highly dedicated.

He pointed out that if she is not a good woman, nobody will come to celebrate with her at seventy. He wishes her good health and long life.

Elabiyo Ayanfe is the first granddaughter of Mrs. Grace Ola Ogbonlaiye. She said her grandma is lovely and that she is the one that has been taking care of her since the death of her father. 

She said that her grandma is so kind that she gives money and new clothes to the orphanage yearly.

One of the sons of Mrs. Ola Ogbonlaiye is Sunday Ogbonlaiye. He said he is happy to see his mother celebrating her birthday at seventy. 

He revealed that his mother passed through a lot of things. He said they lost their dad when their last son was barely one year old, yet their mother was able to raise them up alone.

He said with passion that their mother made sure they went to the best schools.

Sunday Ogbonlaiye said that his mother is so determined and he thanks God for his mother.

He wishes his mother a long life and good health. 

Finally he enthused that the next seventy years of Mama’s life will be better than the one she has lived.

Moses Ogbonlaiye is another son of Mrs. G. O. Ogbonlaiye. He said that when they were growing up without their father, their mother provided the best things in life for them. 

He is pleased that God has kept their mother.

His message to all mothers is to do the will of God and take care of their children in a Godly manner.

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