Some construction law enforcers do compromise themselves – Prof Chukwuemerie (SAN)

Prof Andrew Chukwuemrie (SAN) speaks to newsmen in Abuja about the exceptional quality of Ewuwuni Onnoghen-Theophilus (Mrs.), the daughter of Hon Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen (Rtd), the author of Construction Law In Nigeria (Second Edition). He also speaks about the need for laws to be enforced by the right persons. Excerpts;

Prof Andrew Chukwuemerie (SAN)

How will you describe the importance of this event?

Well it is important. We have attended the book launch of a lady who from her looks is a very young woman. She is a mother and she is combining that with not just intellectual activity, but heightened intellectual activity.

I have seen several persons who are in this intellectual industry who have not done as much as that book. And she has done a second edition of that book and I can confirm frankly that that book is a quality.

For a lady to do that, it is most inspiring.

How will you describe Construction Law to a lay man?

Well, the way to describe construction law to a lay man is that this is a construction. This auditorium we are using was constructed. Now the law that regulates or that is about construction activities is what is called construction law.

Between the owner of a project and the contractor, the law will talk about the relationship that is mainly contractual. It is taken from the law of contract. Like you heard me say, in one of the chapters, the law of tot is also discussed. 

The law is one body, or one living body of knowledge.

How will this book address the issue of building collapse?

It will address the issue if people want to buy the book and read it. Because I said there, the building code of 2016 has been there and yet there are collapses that are occurring practically every other time. 

So the problem with law in Nigeria is not really whether the law exists in its right form or not. It is the enforcement of the law. Those who should enforce the law many times are not lawyers. And they just play a game with it. Sometimes they compromise themselves with, and then nothing happens.

Your name once more?

My name is Prof Andrew Chukwuemerie (SAN).


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