Greenlife won’t have any adulterated product – Mrs Chukeujekwu Christiana

Chukeujekwu Christiana
Chukeujekwu Christiana ( R )

Greenlife Multinational Abuja 2022 multi Splash Award,This is 22nd award in the 22years of the 21st century of Greenlife Herbal Network Ltd Mega Award had in Abuja, Nigeria, Mrs Chukeujekwu Christiana is Africa Representative, our 6 million Naira was giving as Award

Question: May we know your name ma?

My name is Mrs. Chukwujekwu Christiana.

Question: Can you tell us what today’s event is like?

The company has a tradition of awarding its distributors, and is two times in a year for their outstanding performance but today they are awarding people for trip awards and those that qualified for team director Award.

Question: Ma you mentioned that Greenlife doesn’t go around selling their products on the street, so how do you do your marketing?

Greenlife doesn’t go around, hawking their products on the street because the products are effective and it is not enough for people, the demand is high.

Question: What makes Greenlife different from other products?

The reason why it is different from other products is the formula and others don’t have that formula.

Question:  Ma you mentioned about #66, 250,000, what is the criterion?

When you see what is good, you will inform even your enemy, what they did is that they use the product and they identify that the product is good so they sign an agreement with the company, while they are using it they tell other people that need the product like my sister that has diabetes used the product and she told others about the product and now she is qualified for super Award.

Question: Are you assuring Nigerians that Greenlife won’t have adulterated products in the nearest future?

Greenlife won’t have any adulterated product in the near future because of the effectiveness of the products, because this company produces these drugs by Themselves And Am Assuring You, If Greenlife Go Down I Will Leave The Company.

Question: If An Average Nigerian Say I Need This Drug How Will They Get It?

We have offices here in Abuja, centre managers are those that have access to people and they can have it through the website.

Question: What Is Your Message Today To Nigerians As You Will Honour This Awardee Today?

My advice is you don’t need to wait for anybody, come and embrace Greenlife opportunities so that you can better yourself.

This is 22nd award in the 22years of the 21st century, Greenlife herbal network is in Nigeria, in fact we have up to 10 million Nigerian in Greenlife that have been crowned , even within the head office people that come there don’t even know that Greenlife even exist , Greenlife have the best marketing plan

Greenlife is silently producing millionaires and multimillionaires and very soon we will produce billionaires.

Are you a civil servant you can benefit from Greenlife, it is no longer a news that greenlife give people free international key, In greenlife we have given people upto 5,000 trip award, In the history of Greenlife it is no longer a news that Greenlife give car award, they have given more than 3,000 car awards, come this December and see for yourself, It is no longer a news that Greenlife gives cash awards, Greenlife is awarding 17 persons now with cash awards and that is when everyone is crying hard economy. You have too much money, use Greenlife to empower people, they will pray for you. It is no longer news that Greenlife gives super star family trip awards i.e vacation to Europe, 100 persons have benefited with this award. Greenlife also give small car that can help you on moving around, up to 8 people have collected this award, it is no longer a story that Greenlife also give house award, it is no longer a story that Greenlife products are expensive, The life of a boy was saved with this Greenlife product, because in the hospital when you want to do surgery they will say you should sign a consent that is either death or life.


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