Ojike at pole position to win Oyi seat come 2023

Innocent Ojike
Innocent Ojike (L) man of the people
Innocent Ojike (R) sports lover
Innocent Ojike (L) international business man
Innocent Ojike

The political atmosphere in Nigeria is now clear for credible politicians to vie for positions in order to give their constituents credible representation in whatever position they choose to aspire in the 2023 general elections.

The political calculation in Anambra State shows that almost every position is tactically zoned. For example, the Federal House of Representative position of Oyi/Ayamelum constituency has been zoned to Ayamelum, even though the incumbent, Hon Barr Vincent Ofumelu is from Ayamelum. The zoning of the Oyi/Ayamelum seat was ratified in Umunya early this year.  

The Anambra State Assembly seat for Oyi Local Government Area has been zoned to Umunya. In this situation Umunya is meant to present candidates to the LGA from all political parties that have interest in the position, to choose the best.

Although this does not mean that some adamant politicians from other towns in the LGA may not come out to contest for such a zoned position.

It is no longer news that Sir Innocent Ojike, popularly known as Ojicam has shown interest to represent Umunya in particular and Oyi at large, in the state assembly. Like in other areas of life that need contest, there are a few credible Umunya persons who want to slug it out with Ojicam.

Our findings have shown that Innocent Ojike has consulted far and wide before stepping out for the contest. His greatest advantage is his social life. He is an exceptional philanthropist that started impacting on the lives of the needy early in his life.

The notion is that those good ones who are coming out this time around to contest against Ojicam are out to face humiliation, as almost everybody in Umunya is routing for Ojicam. Also his network of friends across the state has started mobilizing for him in every ward in Oyi LGA.

So the race to the state assembly as far as Oyi is concerned, is OJICAM all the way.

Finally, he is in APGA, the party of the land.

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