Comrade Eragbe Anslem


“THE VISION 2023-2053.”


Towards the emergence of a New Nigeria 2023-2053 on the platform of effective leadership capacity building and character development.

Comrade Eragbe Anslem Aphimia is the incumbent National Youth Leader of Labour Party (LP) in Nigeria, and the National Organizing Secretary of the Academic Staff Union of Research Institutions ASURI, in Nigeria.

Having served as the first Executive President of the Ahmadu Bello University Students Union Government, ABUSUG; ABU, Zaria 2002-2004.

Comrade Eragbe Anslem, a trained Metallurgical and Materials Engineer from the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, and a COREN registered Engineer, is vast with the knowledge of developmental economics and resource mobilization both locally and internationally.

His zeal in rebuilding the nation with equity, fairness, parity and justice has propelled him to unveiling a well articulated National Development Plan as a vision: 2023-2053

This manifesto will set the stage for the cardinal principles and focus upon which Eragbe’s political and economic philosophies for Nigeria shall be anchored.

In implementing the mandate of his office as the National Organizing Secretary of the Academic Staff Union of Research Institutions, ASURI in Nigeria;

Eragbe has provided national solution to the seemingly intractable housing deficit delivery and payment modes that will lead to the development and delivery of houses across the 774 LGAs in Nigeria for civil servants and non civil servants alike – 2022-2037 on mortgage repayments basis!

This vision has achieved an approved funding for the entire Research sector in Nigeria, for the next 25 years through Foreign Direct Investment loan funding at single digit interest rate in implementing the research mandates nationwide 2022- 2047 in Nigeria.

Eragbe no doubt, has brought to the fore, certain critical and burning contentious issues which if harmonised, would be germane in rebuilding a strong, virile and vibrant socio-economic and political system in Nigeria- 2023-2053.

This is encapsulated in his TRAFG MANIFESTO to be unveiled with critical financial and cost benefits analysis that accounts for economic profitability and financial viability of investments.

Eragbe said, there is no gain saying today, that Nigeria has been dubbed the butt of nations epitomizing it as the poverty capital of the world. 

Eragbe has said that, Nigeria occupying the   position of the poverty capital of the world is unacceptable to him as an aspiring President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023, and considering the landmark achievement he has made working with the National Leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Research Institutions- ASURI in the last 12 years 2011-2022.

The feat we have achieved in funding Research for National development and housing delivery across the 774 LGAs nationwide is unprecedented and would be extended to all aspects of our national endeavors.

Eragbe wishes to acknowledge COMRADE DR TCN NDUBUAKU, the National Secretary General of the Academic Staff Union of Research Institutions, ASURI, Dr. ONUNKA NMAMDI, the ASURI National President and all the Central Working Committee, CWC members of ASURI who have been consistent in the pursuit of a greater Nigeria through Research, Technology and Innovation as evinced in the struggle for the National Research and Innovation Council, NRIC BILL 2022 sequel to it’s earlier passage in 2019 but was not assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR

Eragbe believes, that by harnessing the abundant human and material resources that Nigeria is endowed with, the goal of attaining productivity optimization by engaging  numerous stakeholders  will see us rewriting our history with landmark peace, progress, prosperity and cohesion as a united people using Research.


Comrade Eragbe Anslem Aphimia believes that, the main political consideration to be taken seriously is the zoning of the seat of the  President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Southern Nigeria in 2023 by all political parties in Nigeria.

Eragbe believes, this will set the tone for healing the political agitations and suspicions that have risen with calls for secession from the South East under the Indeginous People of Biafra, IPOB and from the South West by the Oduduwa Republic and Niger Delta Region respectively.

Eragbe wishes to acknowledge President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR and the initiative of the ruling All Progressives Congress Party, APC national leadership and stakeholders during their extraordinary Central Working Committee meeting of the party on Wednesday 23rd February, 2022 for adopting a zoning formula that will cede their Presidential ticket to southern Nigeria in 2023.

Arising from the above, it is clear that the stage is now set for the choice of a Vice President from Northern  Nigeria to herald all possible permutations towards the 2023 general election in Nigeria.

In any case, Comrade Eragbe Anslem shall be unveiling “THE VISION” as a roadmap plan of how he intends to deliver Nigeria in the light of leadership capacity building and character development anchored on productivity optimization to birth a new Nigeria- 2023-2053 using the Labour Party (LP) political platform in addressing the naughty issues of:

a: The separatist or secessionist issues of Biafra, Oduduwa, Niger Delta Republics etc.

b: The perspectives and essence of implementing  true Federalism to engender resource mobilization and human capacity development for:

a: wealth creation

b: Economic Diversification 

c: Job Creation

d: The menace of insecurity across Nigeria and provision of  National Security Solutions.

e: Revamping the Ajaokuta integrated Steel Company and all the Minerals development potentials across the regions of Nigeria.

f: The derivation principles and redistribution of resource strategy for Regional and National developments.

g: Critical Social and Economic Infrastructural development and funding mechanisms in areas of Power, Industrial Sector, Agricultural mechanization, Minerals Development, Roads, Education, Healthcare, Pension and Gratuities, Wages and Salaries, ICT etc.

H: The Youth,  Demography and roles in National Development in view of the 2023 general elections shall be pivotal in harnessing the over 200 million population for productivity optimization- 2023-2053

Details of event shall be made public for the extension of invitation nationwide.

God be our helper!


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