Chief Jasper F. Jumbo Is the Authentic HOSCON National Chairman

  • Elected R/S HOSCON Executive

Prof Jasper Jumbo

The attention of the HostCommunities of Nigeria (HOSCON), producing Oil and Gas, Rivers State Chapter has been drawn to a publication on page 11 of Weekend Surveillance Newspaper titled “A refutal to the malicious and defamatory Claims of one Prof Jasper Jumbo in His Publication dated December 31st 2021” but for the clearance published on the January 14th – 21st 2022 Edition Volume 23 No 2.

We are not mean to banter words with the said Eze Robinson Jonathan who did not research his facts well before writing to the public, only to ridicule himself as the publication was too watery, unsigned and deceitful.

But for the clearance of any doubt that might have arisen through his false publication in the minds of the innocent members of the public, we respond as follows:

  1. High Chief. Prof. Jasper F Jumbo JP is a veteran Niger Delta Development Protagonist, who has been in the struggle to develop the Niger Delta and has selflessly saved the host communities producing Oil and Gas in Nigeria for over 43 years.Over the years, by God’s Grace unknown to Eze and to 13 people, and in spite of that, the Six names which include HRM Alfred Diete Spiff, Archbishop (Dr) Gbolo Eri-Elijah Temokgoga, Prince (Dr) Sam Igbinikweka, Bishop (Dr) Mike Emuh (JP), Jate Prince Thomas Edewor, Mrs Josephine Odungide and Hon. Stanley Eche, did not cover many states. Dr. Mike Emuh and HE/HRM King Alfred Diette Spiff were the ones functioning exclusively as the Board of Trustees. Is this the HOSCON Pipelines Surveillance on June 21, 2021 with 10,000,000 shares from the Status Report generated at 00.37 am Tuesday, 02 November, 2021 from the CAC which anyone can cross check from himself on Hoscon Pipelines Infrastructure Protection Limited of the Six Shareholders registered, one is from Mbaise in Imo State with no pipeline, Oil or Gas in their LGA which is ostensibly, a cover-up for his HE/HRM King Diette Spiff with 2,000,000 shares and Dr. Mike Emuh’s community with 1,500,000 shares and the four other men from Dr. Mike Emuh’s community Olomoro in Delta), with one Million Naira each and the entire Oil and Gas Producing Communities in Niger Delta and beyond as HOSCON, with only 2,500,000 shares.

Are you still doubting this Eze Robinson? Or do you think that we, Rivers State people who produce the highest quantum of Gas in Nigeria. Akwa Ibom State who produce the highest quantum of Oil in Nigeria and others sorely angered states are SLAVES to Dr. Mike Emuh, his kinsmen and majesty Diete Spiff?

By the facts before Corporate Affairs Commission CAC which is before the Federal High Court in Abuja, let it be known to you Eze Robinson and your likes that:

  1. The purported actions of Dr. Mike Emuh and King Alfred Diete Spiff after they have been removed and replaced as a members of HOSCON Board of Trustee including his purported dissolution of the Rivers State Exco of HOSCON and appointing a fake Caretaker Chairman to hold / conduct election within 3 months after consulting stakeholders and the former HOSCON BOT Chairman and his inauguration of PIA Trust Fund Management Committee are all Null and Void.
  2. That Bishop Dr. Mike Emuh and King Diete Spiff have no legitimacy whatsoever to remain in office, not to mention dissolving the Rivers State Exco of HOSCON or appointing a Caretaker in their stead. It should be noted also that the duo possess no legitimate power to set up a PIA (3%) Trust Fund Management Committee in the state, or anywhere else, for the matter, since it is a prerogative of His Excellency, President, the SGF and the HAGE and the Federal Government.
  3. Eze Robinson or whatsoever you named yourself, hear it loud and clear, Dr. Mike Emuh deals as darkness has expired as the consistently, with pseudo-HOSCON elements with the Intent to exhort. He engages in outlandish activities / programmes without consultation with the real stakeholder of HOSCON  and he usually makes bogus and unprintable false promises to hoodwink people like you who had been giving him money to lobby for posts and deceive other unsuspecting members of the public. Dr. Mike Emuh has registered make – shift companies with CAC using the name of HOSCON. Dr. Mike Emuh and HE/HRM King Diette Spiff inaugurated a Trust Fund Management Committee, impersonating the Presidency, Mr. President, the Secretary to Government of the Federation and the Hon. Attorney General of the Federation. Such activities and corrupt practice which are currently being investigated by the Department of State Security headquarters at the instance of the Attorney General of the Federation and the FIB Abuja demean HOSCON and we do not like it.
  4. Dr. Mike Emuh’s unsavoury attitude and dacoit activities which are tacitly and actively supported, sanctioned and encouraged by HE/HRMKing Diette Spiff, his mentor/accessory to his short-change antecedent, sorely aggrieved most host oil and gas community landlords in several states and can no longer be condoned.This informed why the Office of the secretary to Government of the Federation, on finding out that HE/HRM Diette Spiffe is no longer the patron on HOSCON BOT Chairman indefinitely suspended the use of the conference Hall of the Bayelsa States’ Council of Traditional Rulers, Yenegoa, purposed on HRM Diette Spiffe and Mike Emuh. Need we say more on the peace, fairness and inclusiveness in our Region, and host Oil/gas Communities.

HOSCON has long moved on, with our new National Chairman / Leader – Chief Prof Jasper F. Jumbo JP who is validated by the Presidency, vide letters ref: 59753/S.3/VOL.T/279 of 10thNovember/2021/and yet another reference /59753/S.3/VOL.T/320, A golden fish needs no hiding place. We continue to thank God Almighty for His sustained Divine Mandate and necessities placed on Chief Prof Jasper and pay glowing tributes to Chief Prof Jasper F Jumbo (JP), over his unequalled strides to redeem and restore normalcy to HOSCON; We respectfully call on the general public and the well-meaning people of the oil and gas producing communities of Rivers State and the entire Country, to discountenance the ill-conceived and distortive fatua by Eze Robinson and join hands with the leadership of HOSCON to unite together towards the realization of set goals of theAssociation that would attract fruitful enhanced trust for the release of the Gas Flare Penalty Fund and other dividends expected from the Federal Government.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long live His Excellency, PresidentMuhammaduBuhari, GCFR

Long Live the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF)

Long Live the Host Communities Producing Oil & Gas in Nigeria (HOSCON)

Long Live the New Leadership of HOSCON under High Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo, the Pulo Ama Telema Alobo Oil Communities Generalismo.

Signed by:


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