Old Students of Boys/Community High School Umunya remember their pioneer games master

From left to right: Uzuchukwu Anwusi;  Festus Ikeogu; Stephen Iferikigwe (sitting); Promise Amuta; Nwachukwu Iloanwusi, and Innocent Okafor.

The old students of former Boys High School and now Community Secondary School, Umunya have remembered their pioneer games master, Mr Stephen Iferikigwe who they fondly called “NKO” because of his conspicuously protruding shining forehead. The old student organized to meet their games master during the Yuletide and put smiles on his face.

They unanimously agreed that Mr. Iferikigwe among other lecturers of the school greatly influenced the lives of most of the old students of the school.

Boys High School was established in 1977 and metamorphosed into Community Secondary School in the late 90’s. The pioneers of the school came from mostly Anam because the secondary school in the town was ravaged by flood and the class one students were brought to open the school in 1977.

The school is yet to have a strong old students union even though the school is more than forty years old. The togetherness among the students was created by Mr. Okey Femi Adibe of 1985 set. He created a whatsapp forum for the group and has been performing wonders in making sure things work.

The idea to put smiles on the face of “Nko” was muted by Femi Adibe in the middle of December. He pleaded with all in the platform to contribute something so that they would give something to him during the season. Eventually a handful of old students paid into Femi’s personal account. Interestingly among those that contributed are Peter Akwobi, the Senior Prefect of the class of 1982, Dom Okafor, Geoffrey Okafor-Izedism, amongst others.    

On the day of the visit (02/01/2022) to Mr. Iferikigwe the amount generated was less than N160,000.00 but Femi Adibe rounded it up to N200,000.00 as shown from the  print out on the platform.

Late Mr S.N Akudinobi was the pioneer Principal of the school.

Furthermore, the delegate to Awkuzu, the home town of Mr Stephen Iferikigwe was led by Engr. Nwachukwu Ilonwusi.

In a lighter mood; due to the leadership qualities that Femi has been showing by making sure that the alumni association stands, it will be nice to prepare him to go to the green chamber come 2023. 

Story By: Baaba Akinson who metamorphosed through – Aki – Architect – Aki Nigeria – Akinson – and Baaba Akinson.

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