NEST09 honors members for successful operations over time

Introducing NEST09 2022 Safety kits by Engr Sadeeq M. Umar; Bldr Mohammed Umar Kampala (3rd L)

The management of NEST09 Builders Limited led by Bldr Mohammed Umar Kampala has honored members of the organization comprising mainly of young people, with merit awards for their wonderful contributions towards the successes of the company over time.

Bldr Umar Kampala appreciate the Board of directors and also some of the investors for their unique roles, and also refers members of the organization as a “Construction-Team”, during the award ceremony in Abuja said that every member of the team plays an important role in project(s) implementations of the company during the year 2021.

Speaking further at the event, Bldr Umar Kampala took time to explain the unique role played by each member of the team in ensuring project(s) success.

The company was engaged in about 8-Different project(s) from private villas to Terraces and Block of Flats in different locations in the FCT and has a total workforce of about 15-Team with different professionals who contribute in no small measure during project execution.

The organization has various kinds of professionals ranging from Builders, Architects, Planners, Accountants, Administrators, Mechanical and civil engineers to ICT and Utility personnel.

The strength of the company lies in the youthfulness of the workforce and the zeal to deliver quality products as at and when due.

The MD of the company, Bldr Umar Kampala who believes in quality said the team would always stick to quality outputs or nothing. In his words; “We have to produce high quality Buildings that meet the needs of the people, in terms of comfort, Health, services, all within a practical budget. Our products are sustainable in every sense of the word”.

The event that saw most members of the team receive awards and some envelopes was meant to spur members of the team for greater responsibilities. Bldr Umar Kampala promised that coming years would bring better fortunes to members of the team and the company.

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