Chief ( Prof). Jasper Jumbo
Prince Mike Emuh

The crisis ravaging the HOSCON, a pressure group agitating for the rights and development of the oil producing communities in southern Nigeria is far from being resolved; rather deepening as more people reacted and condemned the recent PIA TRUST FUND C’TTEE inauguration in some parts of Rivers State by Dr Mike Emuh, a factional head.

Addressing the national executive officers, states delegation, stakeholders, leaders and members of HOSCON from different local government areas of the state at the Rivers State end of the year general meeting, Monday, December, 13,2021, Chief ( Prof). Jasper Jumbo, the national Chairman/ leader of HOSCON flayed the desperate activities of Mike Emuh, a factional head,who he said went about to deceive the  general public especially the host communities by parading falsehood about the PIA TRUST FUND.

He noted that the federal government has only formed a five Man Presidential Implementation Committee , saddled with the responsibilities of dealing with the Niger Delta’s matters: including the forensic audit of NDDC, PIA trust fund, Gas flare among other things  and has not given a nod on the formation of state and local government areas implementation committee and wondered what informed the grand style of Emuh, if not to hoodwink the good people of the host communities and extort money to feather his nest.

Reminding the members on what transpired before he was given the mandate to lead the organization, Prof Jumbo pledged to protect the overall Interest of the host communities by not allowing any individuals to undermine the collective interest of the communities.

” How can he constitute a board of trustees of HOSCON with no members from Rivers, Abia, Imo, Ondo etc states and he said he was right”. My people is it good? He asked and the question received a thunderous response, no!!!

” He registered a surveillance company and felt not the need to include people from other Niger Delta states’, but only his relations from his community, Olomoro, and he said he was right: my people is it good? again the audience echoed in a high pitched response, no!!!

” As if that was not bad enough, he went about and collected money from the gullible and indigent youths of the host communities for the purpose of training them as surveillance guards in the name of HOSCON”.

Jumbo revealed that several meetings to address the excesses of Mike Emuh were initiated where Emuh showed no remorse, noting that in some cases he guided himself with the name of the former governor of old Rivers State, King Alfred Diete- Spiff: a man we so much respected, saying that he doesn’t see any logical reason the respected traditional ruler should condone the excesses of Mike Emuh, he lamented.

According to him, he believes that King Spiff will not allow his reputation to be destroyed by the likes of Emuh. 

He used the opportunity to show the audience letters he received from the Presidency, assuring members of green lights in resolving the problem of HOSCON.

While the meeting was going on a phone call came in from the Presidency, requesting his attention the following day. We gathered that the invitation to the presidency was connected with the HOSCON crisis. 

Several people commented on the ill fated PIA trust fund committee inauguration by Dr Mike Emuh and advised that the right thing should be done in order to Jim save the name of the organization.

When asked why he went ahead to inaugurate the PIA trust fund committee, when there’s a matter in the court over authentic HOSCON board of trustees, Dr. Emuh said the court has not given judgement on the case, saying that even as the court has not ruled on the matter, the national body of HOSCON has not deem it fit to dissolve and conduct fresh election.

 He said he is the national Chairman of HOSCON, saying that chief Jasper Jumbo is not a member of the BOT of HOSCON, neither is he a member of the national exco and therefore cannot constitutionally convene a meeting of the body. ” There’s no way he could  call a meeting of people who are not national exco and state exco members in his house and made himself a chairman”, then wrote to the presidency and he will be recognized” he emphasized.

On the letters which Jumbo received from the Presidency, Emuh debunked it, saying that he was only addressed as the national Chairman, not of HOSCON. He explained that the presidency recognized neither himself, Mike Emuh, nor Benjamin Styles and chief Jasper Jumbo. According to him, the only person recognized by the presidency is the Chairman of HOSCON BOT, King, Diete- Spiff.

We gathered that the presidency has given credence to the Jasper Jumbo all inclusive  board. Our  independent investigation revealed that Jumbo had received two letters from the office of SGF, one dated 10/11/2021 which recognized him as the national Chairman of HOSCON. The said letter commended the efforts on the changes made by the delegates agreed at the emergency general meeting.

We gathered also that the body through Jumbo was encouraged to do more in the area of transparency and development of the oil producing communities.

The second letter which dated 9/22/2021 equally recognized Jumbo as the national Chairman and leader of HOSCON. It also affirmed the HOSCON board modifications, commended the stakeholders inclusiveness, transparency , upholding the rebuttal of Dr Mike Emuh’s malicious letter to the presidency against Jumbo. The letter went further to commend the efforts of jumbo and his delegation by maintaining peace in the host communities, and went further to advise the use of all available dispute resolution mechanism to resolve the crisis in HOSCON for the good of the body and the oil producing communities.

On the attempt by Mike Emuh using his lackeys as pseudo media team to malign the image of the national Chairman in social media, some stakeholders called for cautions.

A stakeholder, who pleaded anonymity for the meantime , said there’s really no issue between Dr Mike Emuh and Chief Jumbo; rather there may be issue  Emuh may have with the government and the host communities. He advised against spurious media publication aiming at destroying the image of the national Chairman.

Others who spoke to our correspondent commended the coming in of Jumbo as divinely arranged to bring sanity to HOSCON. 

When we contacted the former governor of old Rivers State, King Alfred Diete-Spiff to comment on the empasse in the organization, he said   the whole matter will be resolved amicably before the end of January, 2022.


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