Unity brings development to a society – MD Amana Hospital 

Dr. Eloka Menakaya
Emeka Chugha (2ndR)
Engr. Sir Nwufo Obiora Udeze
Benjamin Okonkwo-Eje
Joseph Ifeanyichukwu Anakwe
Ichie Wilson Obinna Ikwuka

The Medical Director of Amana Hospital and Fertility Center, Dr. Eloka Menakaya has observed that unity brings development to a society. He made the observation in Abuja during the end of year celebration in his town, Umunya in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State. Dr. Menakaya is from Ukumu Village in Umunya.

According to Dr. Menakaya it is during the end of year party that people from the same town come together to meet those who they have never met before. He said such gatherings will make people ask questions about what members are doing and their villages.

He noted that coming together of people from the same place will go a long way in bringing development to the society. He said that as the elite of the town people do come to him for reference. He then explains that when people meet at the end of the year to get together, when they have problems one does not need to reach out to the chairman of the union to ask if such an individual is from the town.

The chairman of Umunya Development Union (UDU) Abuja Branch, Emeka Chugha while addressing his people thanked God for keeping them alive since January and prayed that God will usher them safely into 2022.

On the other hand, a former chairman of the branch Ichie Wilson Obinna Ikwuka who is also the palace secretary of Umunya Town said the event is not all about eating and drinking but it involves discussing about the development of the town.

Also at the event to encourage young people on the need to belong to their town’s meeting is an Anglican Knight of Saint Christopher, Engr. Sir Nwufo Obiora Udeze, Engr. Udeze retired eighteen years ago as a director from NNPC. He observed that the significance of the party shows that the Abuja branch of the Union is united.

He pointed out an important area of life he wants the youth of the town to embrace. This is education. “The youth should take education very seriously. Education is key to success, not only today but even yesterday” he added.

He is of the opinion that the youth must do their best to acquire education through hard work. An indigene of Odumodu Village of Umunya who is a staunch member of the union, Benjamin Okonkwo-Eje observed that it is a day to bring all the people together and interact with them. During such interaction one will be able to notice those who are not doing very well and encourage them and offer ways for them to progress.

Benjamin Okonkwo-Eje showed concern for the destructive addiction to Mkpulu Mmili, the Crystal Meth. He warned that our youth on no account should try to test  it whether out of frustration or sheer youthful exuberance. He said  once one is addicted to it, that person is doomed for life.

“It is a journey of no return, if you take it, you are on the part of self destruction. If you are not taking it, don’t go to experiment” he advised.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the end of the year party, Joseph Ifeanyichukwu Anakwe, who is from Amaezike village of Umunya gave thanks to God for a wonderful event.

He wished that the 2022 end of the year could be sponsored by an individual alone. He made an observation about a negative paradigm shift. He said that stewardship is almost being forgotten. He posted that 90% of those who are richest people in Anambra State are stewards.

He admonished that the youth should be ready to serve. He concluded by saying, “The youth should be humane, the youth should be loyal. Loyalty pays humility pay”.

The Ichie Nke iteghete of Umunya, Ichie Ekwulukarali Michael Ubaka commended the organizers for a wonderful event. His guise is against those who have not been attending meetings. He said such people should wait for the union when they will be having an event and need clearance.


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  1. I want to thank my brothers,sisters,wives , children for successful end of year party.I want to use this opportunity to pray for the unity in Umunya,a great town. The truth is that , without unity we cannot achieve much.I pray for love among the indigenes of Umunya,real love that transend beyond the clan or village one comes from.Let love reign.I thank everyone that graced the occasion and I particularly please with Engr Nwufo Udeze for his wonderful address , especially as it regards to education.I know that education is the key to emacipiation from poverty and disease, and pray that God open way for those that have one problem or the other having access to education.My book, Help! Ignorance destroying Nigeria is strongly of the view that government must ensure that all citizens have access to basic education because that is a sure way to ensure sustainable economic growth and social stability,under capitalist system.I pray also that God visit each of us at the point of his or her needs.Up Umunya.Is well.
    Mr Eric Olie
    Author/Rtd director defence.

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