Government should provide enabling environment for businesses to thrive – Ile Odekina

Emmanuel Ile Odekina
Emmanuel Ile Odekina
Emmanuel Ile Odekina
Emmanuel Ile Odekina

The managing director of Barklayz Guest House and Barklayz Garden, Emmanuel Ile Odekina has enjoined the government to provide an enabling environment so that businesses will be able to thrive in the country. He made the plea in Abuja when he was fielding questions to newsmen during an award ceremony conferred on him by Urban Paparazzi Publication.

Emmanuel Ile Odekina was conferred with the Award of Excellence in Youth Empowerment and Mentorship for his love for providing youth with startup capital and mentoring them.

Speaking to newsmen at the event, Ile Odekina identified three factors that need to be put in place by the government so that businesses can thrive. He put it thus; “I will talk about three points. Number one; there is the need for an enabling environment. If there is adequate security, people can go as far as Maiduguri to do their businesses without fear for their life. Two, is social amenities; there is need for constant power supply because many means of livelihood are dependent on electricity supply.

Number three is funding, if the government funds the SMEs they will develop their immediate environment. If funding are available with strict supervision, the youth will do well.

He also posted that youth of Nigeria are not lazy and can succeed any time they have the opportunity. “We are Nigerians, we are not lazy people. Nigerians succeed abroad whenever they have the opportunity to travel out because there is an enabling environment for businesses to succeed over there”, he added.

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