Insecurity disturbs the treatment of communicable

Disease in Northeast – Dr. Surag               

Dr. Suraj Abdulkarim A.
Dr. Suraj Abdulkarim A.

The Executive Secretary/Project Manager, Gombe State Agency for the Control of AIDS (ComSACA), Dr. Suraj Abdulkarim A. has revealed that insecurity in the northeastern of Nigeria is a majoring factor affecting the treatment of commendable diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) and AIDS. He made this revelation at the national Tuberculosis (TB) conference in Abuja.

Speaking to newsmen at the conference, Dr Suraj noted that the prevalence of TB in his state of Gombe  is very high. He attributed it to long 12 years of insurgency in the Northeast.

He said that many people who have been on drugs are finding it difficult to access treatment because of destruction of healthcare facilities in the area.

He said that of particular interest are the Nomadic pastoralists who are always on the move. These people he posited are not even TB and do not know where to access services.

He explained that his agency has to engage with the people of various committee leaders and try to get volunteers among them.

Through this process, according to him, capacities are built.

He explained that the screening is specifically carried out by his agency and where cases of TB or HIV are identified the agency will recommend treatment.

Dr. Sura narrated that in some cases his agency has to take drugs to door steps of patients.

He also said that they take sputum and blood of the villagers to where tests are  carried out and if there are confirmed cases  of infection, drugs will be taken  patients in their  villages.

All these, Dr. Suraj said is part of their mandate to eradicate the diseases to the divest minimum.

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